Innovation in real-time health systems
The future of health care relies on innovation. By transforming your organization to a real-time health system, you can meet challenges proactively with the use near real-time predictive intelligence. When your organization can base today's care decision using data from today and not yesterday, you are empowered to facilitate efficient workflows that save time and money to your organization and help to achieve better health outcomes for consumers.

One important element of a real-time health system is having a clinical communications platform that can bridges communication gaps by providing the care team with tools such as secure voice communication, text messaging, patient electronic medical records and smart alerting. Our care team communications solutions eliminate the delay and uncertainty in critical communications by connecting the right care team members with the right information at the right time.

Beyond secure text messaging, the concept of clinical communications encompasses the integrated ability to conduct voice calls, receive alerts, alarms, broadcast messages and view pertinent patient information sourced from electronic health record platforms. Cerner’s patient-centered approach to clinical communications incorporates proprietary artificial intelligence into existing care team communications solutions further leveraging the existing value of symbiotic and complementary solutions.

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