RxRevu Launches SwiftMx – Healthcare’s First and Only Complete Price Transparency Sol
DENVER – RxRevu, the leading provider of prescription price transparency solutions, has announced the expansion of its services to include the delivery of medical benefit coverage and cost information to electronic health records (EHR) through a new offering, SwiftMxSM.
For years, RxRevu’s core solution, SwiftRx®, has leveraged direct connections with the nation’s largest pharmacy benefit managers, health plans, and EHR vendors to provide over 200,000 physicians access to actionable prescription coverage and cost information, helping combat the affordability and medication abandonment crisis in the United States. Recent interoperability and price transparency regulation has created considerable tailwinds, supporting the necessity to move beyond pharmacy to medical services.
SwiftMx, RxRevu’s new Medical Benefits Data Exchange, expands on the company’s existing network by adding medical price transparency and coverage information to their market-leading point-of-care offering. The solution provides physicians and patients with the information necessary to have conversations about in-network sites of care, covered providers, and other affordable, high-quality options.
“RxRevu is solving for the greatest barrier in achieving cost-effective care. The combination of the SwiftRx and SwiftMx platforms finally gives payers the ability to deliver complete cost and coverage information to the care workflow” said Carm Huntress, CEO and Co-found of RxRevu. He continued, “This allows clinicians and patients to make the right clinical and financial decisions in real-time, consistent with the patient’s individual coverage.”
The medical benefit data presented in the EHR includes: eligibility, gaps-in-care, and cost, alternative options for medications, specialists, labs, imaging, and radiology, as well as prior authorization requirements. Access to this data in real-time can reduce downstream administrative work, lower the patient cost of care, and improve the overall healthcare experience, while helping health systems and plans meet quality-based incentive programs.
RxRevu has launched SwiftMx within the Cerner EHR, and a number of additional EHR vendors and national payers have signed up to join the platform.
“RxRevu is the only vendor delivering both pharmacy and medical benefit information in one solution, creating the most comprehensive price transparency network in healthcare,” Huntress stated.  “Over the next year, we expect to add many more payers to our network so they can provide this vital information to the hundreds of thousands of providers in our network.”
Health plans, EHR vendors, and health systems interested in turning on this new functionality and joining healthcare’s largest price transparency network should reach out today.

About RxRevu
RxRevu is on a mission to improve healthcare by providing accurate, patient-specific coverage and cost data at the point-of-care. RxRevu’s solutions help physicians quickly and easily find affordable care options specific to a patient’s health and financial needs. With comprehensive, clinically-relevant information at their fingertips, physicians can make more informed, consistent, and frictionless care decisions. RxRevu’s solutions also enable health systems to manage and measure clinician’s performance and variability. For more information about RxRevu, its innovative solutions and growing network, please visit rxrevu.com.

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