Aprima Medical Software Introduces Fully Integrated Cloud-based Fax Solution
AprimaMedical Software Introduces Fully Integrated Cloud-based Fax Solution Designed to End Paper Faxing
Kno2’sfax product promotes transition to digital document transmission
Dallas (November 15, 2016) – AprimaMedical Software, a leading provider of innovative electronic health records (EHR), practice management (PM) and revenue cycle management solutions (RCM) for medical practices, today announced the general availability of a new, integrated cloud-based faxing solution from Kno2, the company that optimizespatient document exchange for healthcare providers.
“Theintegration of Kno2’s cloud fax solution provides customers with much more than just faxing,” said Michael Nissenbaum, CEO and president of Aprima. “It also provides access to the first-ever comprehensive digital document exchange directory that automatically optimizes the transmission to the most interoperable form of exchange. This minimizes manual processes and increases efficiencies.  We remain committed tocontinually adding new functionality that enhances workflows and creates efficiencies for Aprima clients.”
TheKno2 cloud fax solution allows providers to take full advantage of digital documentation transmission without having to revert to more manual, paper-based workflows when collaborating with less technologically-advanced providers. Because there's no universal directory of providers using digital exchange, providers at more digitally mature organizations cannot send documents to network partners until first verifying their partners’ digital exchange capabilities. Unless both the sending and receiving facilities support digital transmissions, providers must revert to paper faxing.
Now,however, Aprima EHR customers won’t need to verify whether another provider is able to exchange documents electronically. Instead, Kno2’s proprietary technology will automatically forward documents in the proper format. In addition, providers that rely on paper faxing will have the opportunity to sign up for a Kno2 account, starting at no charge, to encourage more network providers to transition to digital document transmission.
"Kno2and Aprima have a shared mission to simplify the transformation of data sharing, and we believe this is the last fax solution healthcare organizations will ever need," said Kno2 President Theresa Bell. “Over time, providers using the Kno2 cloud-based fax solution will send fewer and fewer paper faxes as more of their network switches to Direct Messaging and other forms of interoperable document exchange."
Additionalbenefits of the Kno2 solution include portability of existing fax line(s), no long distance fees, no charges for toll-free numbers, and no additional hardware. Incoming faxes can be routed and filtered to appropriate individuals or teams; bulk faxes can be separated by patient and documents; and individual items can be filed electronically to each patients’ chart.
About Kno2
Kno2™optimizes patient document exchange for everyone in healthcare. The company's cloud-based platform improves the healthcare experience for providers and their patients by making sharing documents easy, affordable and secure. Even healthcare providers with limited resources can participate in the simple, structured exchange of patient documents—without changing their workflow or technology infrastructure. The Kno2 platform captures and exchanges documents from virtually any source ranging from a fax machine to an EMR. The innovative platform is smart enough to determine the most interoperable format and method of exchange for a document. All of this functionality is available through a simple set of APIs or through Kno2's provider portal. Learn more about how Kno2 adds value to patient document exchange at www.kno2.com.
About Aprima Medical Software, Inc.
Aprimaprovides innovative electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices. Throughout the company’s 18-year history, Aprima has delivered quality solutions that have helped thousands of users enhance patient care and satisfaction, as well as improve their practices’ bottom lines. The Aprima EHR/PM sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed, and flexibility, thanks to its single database and customizable design that adapts automatically to individual physician workflows. The Aprima solution has earned Certificationfor Meaningful Use Stage 2 and been awarded pre-validation status for NCQA PCMHrecognition. The company is based in Richardson, Texas and performs all development, support and implementation from within the U.S. To learn more about how Aprima can help your practice, please visit www.aprima.com, call us at 844 4APRIMA or email us atinfo@aprima.com.
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