Lee Health System Offering Anytime, Anywhere Virtual Care via KeyCare
Lee Health System Offering Anytime, Anywhere Virtual Care via KeyCare’s Epic-based Platform
Southwest Florida-based health system to provide patients seamless access
to high-quality virtual urgent care through MyChart
Chicago, November 15, 2023KeyCare, the nation’s first Epic-based virtual care company, announced today that it has partnered with Lee Health, a leading provider of healthcare in Florida, to deliver high-quality virtual urgent care with licensed providers (known as Virtualists). Lee Health patients can now get 24x7 care across all 50 states via a virtual visit through Lee Health’s MyChart patient portal.  Lee Health has transitioned to KeyCare from another national telehealth provider network to leverage the full Epic integration.
KeyCare offers health systems and similar organizations the ability to easily augment their care teams, optimize capacity and widen their digital front doors by partnering with a nationwide network of virtual care providers working on its Epic platform, which then connects easily to other Epic-based health systems. For example, KeyCare Virtualists have access to each patient’s Epic health record while delivering online care. Virtualists use KeyCare’s Epic platform to document the visit and order medications, and details are seamlessly shared with members of the patient’s care team within the Lee Memorial Health system.
"Virtual care is revolutionizing the healthcare landscape, transcending physical boundaries to deliver quality, accessible, and personalized healthcare experiences. It's not just a technological advancement, but a profound shift in how healthcare is delivered,” said William Carracino, MD, Vice President and Chief Digital Health Executive at Lee Health. "Integrating a patient's electronic medical record (EMR) into virtual care settings is a game-changer. It empowers our healthcare providers with a comprehensive view of a patient's medical history, enabling them to make more informed decisions and provide tailored care."
“We are pleased to collaborate with Lee Health to help them improve access and quality by expanding virtual care options for patients,” said Lyle Berkowitz, MD, CEO of KeyCare. “As a result of our partnership, Lee Health patients will receive quick and consistent virtual care for routine issues around the clock, while their physicians and other care team members will have more time to focus on the delivery of higher-value and higher-complexity services.”
About KeyCare
KeyCare offers health systems access to a network of independent virtual care providers working on KeyCare's Epic-based EMR and telehealth platform. Our vision is to increase access for health system patients while decreasing the burden for their providers. Health systems can start with nationwide virtual on-demand care coverage (24x7, 50-state coverage), and then may add other virtual health services based on their virtual care initiatives. To learn more about KeyCare, visit www.keycare.org.
About Lee Health
Since the opening of the first hospital in 1916, Lee Health has been a healthcare leader in Southwest Florida, constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community. A non-profit, integrated healthcare services organization, Lee Health is committed to the well-being of every individual served, focused on healthy living and maintaining good health. Healthcare services are conveniently located throughout the community in four acute care hospitals, two specialty hospitals, outpatient centers, walk-in medical centers, primary care and specialty physician practices and other services across the continuum of care. Learn more at www.LeeHealth.org.

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