VariantWire Adds New Members to its Data-sharing Network
VariantWireAdds New Members to its Data-sharing Network
TheGeneInsight-powered platform advances molecular informatics initiatives 
TUSCON,Ariz., October 13, 2016 – Sunquest Information Systems Inc. today announced thatNationwide Children’s Hospital Institute for Genomic Medicine Clinical Laboratory, MedComp Sciences and the University of Minnesota Health Fairview are now members of the VariantWire® data sharing initiative. GeneInsight®, a Sunquest company, supports the VariantWire networking infrastructure and crowdsourcing platform, which provides real-time sharing of structured genetic data between laboratories.
VariantWireoffers clinical laboratories across the U.S. and Canada the opportunity to access information that can ultimately help to advance the field of personalized medicine. It is a “share and share alike” initiative that allows users of the GeneInsight IT platform to share variant information.
“Werecognize how important collaboration and sharing are to provide exceptional care to our patients, and exceptional training opportunities to our students and trainees at the University of Minnesota,” said Matt Bower, MS, certified genetic counselor at the Minneapolis-based University of Minnesota Health Fairview. “With this in mind, we are excited and honored to be part of the VariantWire collaborative effort.”
VariantWirediffers from other variant data-sharing repositories that require manual input of data. Specifically, VariantWire leverages the GeneInsight platform, which works in the background to seamlessly share the data so that laboratory workflow disruptions are minimized. VariantWire is currently facilitating the sharing of over 44,300 variant interpretations across 1,865 genes that are associated with more than 300 diseases.
“VariantWireand its data sharing objectives align well with the goals and initiatives of our laboratory,” said Jason Walker, lead scientist for the Baton Rouge, LA-based MedCompGx, LLC. “We are looking forward to participating in VariantWire and helping to advance the sharing of critical variant data.”
“Weare excited to have Nationwide Children’s Hospital, MedComp Sciences and the University of Minnesota Health Fairview join VariantWire” said Samantha Baxter, the director of VariantWire and a clinical project manager and genetic counselor at the Broad Institute. “These institutions are joining a network of individuals and labs that are committed to data transparency and understand that the sharing of genetic knowledge leads to better patient care.”
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GeneInsight,a Sunquest company, provides a molecular informatics solution that streamlines the analysis, interpretation and reporting of complex genetic tests.  In constant clinical use since 2005, GeneInsight facilitates delivery of test results to treating clinicians so they can integrate genetics into their routine diagnostic workflows.  The hosted solution includes filtration, annotation and storage tools, along with novel variant assessment, variant knowledge management and reporting capabilities. GeneInsight is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunquest Information Systems, a pioneer in laboratory informatics.
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