AvaSure and Ouva Partner to Integrate AI-powered Virtual Sitting Solution
AvaSure and Ouva Partner to Integrate AI-powered Virtual Sitting Solution
Collaboration of industry leaders to deliver improved patient monitoring and care optimization services amid time of widespread healthcare staffing shortages
BELMONT, Mich., and SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.– Sept. 7, 2023 – AvaSure, the market leader in acute virtual sitting and virtual nursing solutions and Ouva, a technology leader in AI-powered patient observation, have announced the integration of Ouva's comprehensive AI capabilities with the AvaSure TeleSitter® solution, delivering unparalleled patient monitoring and care optimization. The partnership represents another example of how AvaSure, the most widely deployed virtual care system, continues to bring innovative solutions to customers.
The collaboration introduces a fusion of technologies in which Ouva's AI platform-in-the-cloud observes bedside activity via AvaSure’s virtual care and safety devices, offering real-time insights and alerts without requiring additional hardware installations at the bedside. This innovation enables rapid deployment of AI capabilities, presenting healthcare providers with a more streamlined and efficient observation process to reduce patient falls and elopements.
The combined solution offers critical benefits to U.S. hospitals facing staff shortages:
·        Guides observers: With Ouva's integration, the AvaSure TeleSitter® solution generates additional insights. Ouva's AI-driven alerts are delivered directly within the AvaSure platform, guiding observer attention precisely where it's most needed.
· An ecosystem on AvaSure’s widely deployed platform: This is yet another AI-powered offering from AvaSure, providing customers an open ecosystem of integrations among them fall risk decisions support and fall and elopement detection.
·        Extended coverage: For hospitals facing a shortage of sitters, resulting in patients being placed on observation waitlists, the power of Ouva's AI extends the monitoring capabilities, ensuring no patient in need goes unmonitored.
“AvaSure is excited to partner with Ouva to enable AI-powered patient observation,” said Adam McMullin, CEO, AvaSure. "Our partnership signifies another bold step towards leveraging AI, redefining how we ensure the well-being of those under our care. Through this collaboration, we are not only embracing cutting-edge technology but also reaffirming our commitment to enhancing patient outcomes and experiences with AvaSure’s open ecosystem. Together, AvaSure and Ouva are pioneering a new era of healthcare, where precision meets compassion, and where the virtual realm becomes an extension of our unwavering dedication to the health and safety of every individual."
"We are incredibly excited about this partnership with AvaSure, which represents a significant leap forward in virtual patient care,” said Dogan Demir, CEO of Ouva. “Integrating Ouva's AI solutions with AvaSure's TeleSitter® is more than just technological synergy—it's a testament to our shared vision of redefining patient monitoring. With this collaboration, we're bringing forward a solution that's seamless, intelligent, and, most importantly, eases the stress put on the healthcare system due to staffing shortages."
About AvaSure
AvaSure provides the leading hospital virtual care platform to systems with nursing and staffing shortages that are challenged to significantly reduce labor costs without sacrificing patient health outcomes. Recognized by KLAS Research as the leader in reducing the cost of patient care, AvaSure is the pioneer in providing best-in-class, video-based AvaSure TeleSitter® and TeleNurse™ solutions. As a trusted partner of more than 1,000 hospitals, AvaSure combines remote patient monitors, virtual nurses and other providers on a single platform to enhance clinical care without placing any additional burdens on existing staff. To learn more about AvaSure visit www.AvaSure.com.
About Ouva
Ouva offers an AI-powered platform tailored for the virtual care era, delivering 24/7 access to live patient data, safety predictions, and insights for workforce efficiency. Ouva's AI platform aids in eliminating redundant observations, prioritizing patients in need, and improving overall workforce efficiency. Developed over multiple years of peer-reviewed clinical collaborations, Ouva offers the most comprehensive and enterprise-ready platform in the cloud for seamless deployment of AI at scale. To learn more about Ouva, visit www.ouva.co.

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