An Ounce of Prevention: How EHRs Help Facilitate and Track Vaccinations
In a prelude to COVID-19, the winter of 2017-18 saw nearly 80,000 flu-related deaths and 960,000 hospitalizations—a spike that quickly outpaced the number of available hospital beds and put immense pressure on emergency department (ED) clinicians throughout the country.

This year, the CDC is reporting that nearly 70% of states are already experiencing “high” or “very high” rates of flu activity, and admittances have hit levels not seen in over a decade. With numbers rising, emergency departments will soon be inundated with patients, leading to increased wait times, longer stays, stretched resources, and burned-out providers.

Having an emergency department information system (EDIS) and an enterprise EHR to help maximize efficiency and throughput are critical to allow for safe, quality care during times of high patient volumes, like during an outbreak of the flu.

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