East Texas Medical Center Regional Healthcare System Selects Orion Health’s Rhapsody
East Texas Medical CenterRegional Healthcare System Selects Orion Health’s Rhapsody
Interoperability,flexibility and sustainability: ETMC will use Rhapsody
to integrate more than300 interfaces systemwide
Tyler,Texas — July 12, 2016East Texas Medical Center RegionalHealthcare System (ETMC) has selected Orion Health’s Rhapsody Integration Engine® to seamlessly connect its system of primary,secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities and services throughout East Texas. Rhapsody achieves rapid interoperability between healthcare IT systems, which enables connected solutions in less time and at a lower cost.

ETMC has 12 hospitals and 40 clinics. ETMC’s IT leadership team undertook a rigorous selection process that led to their decision to go with Orion Health’s interface engine. “Rhapsody has what we believe are superior development, testing and monitoring tools,” said John Lee, director of software services for ETMC. “The technology solution gives us the ability to seamlessly, securely and easily integrate more than 300 interfaces from across our regional health system.”

Rhapsody enables real time data acquisition and transformation between ETMC’s clinical and non-clinical applications. Rhapsody has been purchased by over 450 direct customers and there are close to 10,000 Rhapsody installations through Orion Health’s expansive network of OEM partners. “Choosing an interface engine is an important long-term decision for any hospital or health system, because the technology will likely be leveraged for decades to come,” Lee said. “We were looking for a flexible and ‘future-proofed’ integration solution to replace our previous interface engine,” he explained. “We used a recent KLAS report on interface engines to create a short list of products to evaluate. Product demos and our IT group’s in-depth compare-and-contrast evaluation ultimately led to the Rhapsody Integration Engine as our top choice.”

With value-based care readiness a top priority for health systems, the delivery of coordinated, efficient care is more important than ever. “The interface engine that hospitals, health systems and other provider groups select must be equipped to meet the industry’s ever-changing integration and interoperability needs,” said Harish Panchal, global vice president of sales at Orion Health. “Rhapsody’s ability to tackle complex technical issues and interoperability challenges makes it a perfect fit for ETMC and similar organizations seeking long-term technology solutions with flexibility and sustainability.”

Lee added: “Population health management continues to gain momentum in the healthcare industry. Orion Health’s Rhapsody Integration Engine meets our current needs while also preparing us for the future.”

Rhapsody provides comprehensive support for an extensive range ofcommunication protocols and message formats (such as HL7, X12, NCPDP, Web Services and many more), and helps interface analysts and hospital IT administrators reduce their workload while meeting complex technical challenges. 

Rhapsody 6.2 continues to build upon its FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) capabilities with JSON and HTTP Rest support within Rhapsody routes—enabling organizations to use them generically and to start implementing FHIR-based interfaces.

About ETMC
East Texas Medical Center Regional HealthcareSystem offers a network of primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare facilities and services that extend care throughout a 40-county area of East Texas. ETMC operates 12 hospitals and 40 clinics. The 464-bed flagship hospital in Tyler offers a host of specialized centers of excellence, including a Level I trauma center and institutes in cardiac, oncology, orthopedics, psychiatry and neuroscience care. ETMC also serves the East Texas region through a large rehabilitation/wellness network and extensive home health coverage.  Regional hospitals offer a host of inpatientand outpatient services and designated trauma centers. ETMC further extends emergency care through East Texas via three emergency helicopters and one of the state’s largest ambulance systems. The organization’s philosophy is to improve the quality of life in East Texas by fostering care at the highest levels possible in the communities served by ETMC. To learn more, visit etmc.org and connect onFacebook, Twitter or YouTube.
About Orion Health
Orion Health is a technology companythat provides solutions that enable healthcare to over 100 million patients in more than 25 countries. Its open technology platform seamlessly integrates all forms of relevant data to deliver population health and precision medicine solutions across the entire health community. Orion Health makes healthcare information available anywhere by providing healthcare IT connectivity in every U.S. state and in over 30 countries worldwide. With an inherent ability to interconnect a wide variety of healthcare information systems, Orion Health’s Amadeus, with Rhapsody Integration Engine, facilitates data acquisition and aggregation within and among payer and provider organizations, accountable care organizations, governments and health information exchanges. The company employs more than 1,250 people globally and is committed to continual innovation, investing over 30 percent of total operating revenue year to date in research and development, to cement its position at the forefront of precision medicine. For more information, visit www.orionhealth.com/us andconnect on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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