Kno2 and Aprima Partner on Fax to End All Fax
Kno2 andAprima Partner on Fax to End All Fax

Solution empowers EMRusers to guide networks towards digital document transmission

BOISE, Idaho andCARROLLTON, Texas—July 12, 2016—Kno2™, the company that optimizes patientdocument exchange for healthcare providers, and premier electronic health record (EHR), practice management (PM), and revenue cycle management (RCM) vendor Aprima® Medical Software, today announced a collaboration that will bring Kno2’s cloud fax technology to Aprima customers. Aprima is a long time Kno2 partner that offers its clients an integrated document exchange solution using the Kno2 platform. Aprima is the first partner for Kno2’s new cloud fax solution and plans to demonstrate the integration of the two products at the Aprima User Conference in Dallas, Texas August 5-7.

More than just faxing
Healthcare organizations are working hard to move frompaper-based and manual processes to more digital workflows. Despite efforts, however, fax sales in healthcare last year hit an all-time high.  Though many providers, such as those usingAprima, have already transitioned to digital document transmission, they continue to collaborate with providers and facilities that are less technologically advanced. Because there’s no universal directory of providers using digital exchange, providers at more digitally mature organizations must call their network partners and ask if they have digital document exchange capabilities. Unless both the sending and receiving facilities support digital transmissions, providers must revert to faxing. Thus faxing continues to thrive in healthcare, despite the widespread adoption of EHRs and the growing use of electronic document transmission.

But now, Aprima EHR customers using the Kno2 cloud faxsolution will no longer have to guess or ask what providers in their network can exchange documents electronically. Instead, they’ll have access to the first-ever comprehensive digital document exchange directory, aggregated using Kno2 proprietary processes, technology and datasets.  Any fax transmission sent over the Kno2network will be optimized to the most interoperable form of exchange, ensuring the best experience for the receiving provider. 
Providers that are still receiving fax will be invited to sign up for aKno2 account, starting at no charge, so that more network providers make the transition to efficient digital document transmission. 

“Over time, healthcare providers who use the Kno2 cloud faxsolution will send fewer and fewer faxes as more of their network makes the switch to Direct messaging and other forms of interoperable document exchange,” Kno2 President Therasa Bell said. “Kno2 and Aprima have a shared mission to simplify the transformation away from fax, and we believe this is the last fax solution healthcare organizations will ever need.”

Additional differentiators
Aprimacustomers will enjoy portability of their existing fax line(s), no long distance fees, no charges for toll-free numbers, and no need to add hardware, as well as some of the most competitive fax pricing available in the market. The product features superior interoperability, as it is able to consume a fax, add metadata, and convert it to a format compatible with EHRs. Kno2’s routing and triage functionality filters incoming faxes to the appropriate individual or team and allows the user to review a bulk fax, separate it by patient and documents, and delete unwanted pages before filing it to a patient’s electronic chart. The cloud fax solution will integrate seamlessly into the Aprima workflow so all patient content is in one place.  The solutionrepresents an important step in replacing fax, a well-entrenched technology in healthcare, with more secure, efficient digital document exchange approaches.   

Analyticdashboards allow users to identify high-volume fax partners. Then, using the social connectivity platform in Kno2, users can invite their partners to sign up for Kno2 and take advantage of secure, interoperable, HIPAA-compliant digital document transmission.

“We know ourcustomers look forward to sending their last fax, and we think this partnership with Kno2 will help get them there,” said Aprima CEO and President Michael Nissenbaum. “In the meantime, we know that Kno2’s cloud fax solution will provide a low-cost opportunity for our customers to integrate incoming and outgoing faxes with their existing EHR workflows.

About Kno2
Kno2™ optimizes patient document exchange for everyone inhealthcare. The company’s cloud-based platform improves the healthcare experience for providers and their patients by making sharing documents easy, affordable and secure. Even healthcare providers with limited resources can participate in the simple, structured exchange of patient documents—without changing their workflow or technology infrastructure. The Kno2 platform captures and exchanges documents from virtually any source ranging from a fax machine to an EMR. The innovative platform is smart enough to determine the most interoperable format and method of exchange for a document. All of this functionality is available through a simple set of APIs or through Kno2’s provider portal. Learn more about how Kno2 adds value to patient document exchange at

About Aprima MedicalSoftware, Inc. 
Aprimaprovides innovative electronic health record, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions for medical practices. The Aprima EHR/PM is an integrated system built on a single database. Aprima uses a fast, flexible design that adapts automatically to a physician’s workflow and sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility. Aprima is one of the few companies with an 18-year track record of success, including Certificationof Meaningful Use Stage 2. Thousands of Aprima users are benefiting from improved quality ofcare, improved patient satisfaction, improved quality of life and an improved bottom line. Based in Carrollton, TX, Aprima performs all development, support and implementation from the U.S. To learn more about how Aprima can help your practice, please visit, call us at 844-4APRIMA (844-427-7462), or email us at
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