The Triple Aim of Health Care
How Does CCM Help Health Care Organizations with the Triple Aim?
CCM programs fit nicely into traditional care plans and allow patients and providers to stay on the same page regarding the progress of the patient’s conditions. 

A CCM program regularly reports back to the provider, delivering coordinated care and keeping everyone connected. It can even integrate with a provider’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for easy access to the information collected. CCM programs can care for patients with a variety of chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart issues, and even mental health disorders.

CCM supports each element of the Triple Aim:
  • Reducing costs: A CCM program drives two revenue streams — fee for service and shared savings — to deliver exceptional profitability for practices. Additionally, with CCM, health care organizations can expect higher patient savings. It reduces annual costs for Medicare, taxpayers, and patients, minimizing financial barriers to care and excessive expenses in all parts of the health care system.
  • Improving population health: As CCM plays a more proactive role in patient health, it can help keep people healthier and out of the doctor’s office. In fact, eligible patients who aren’t enrolled in CCM often see more readmissions.
  • Improving individual care experiences: Providers and care managers can see the value of CCM through improved patient satisfaction. Patients stay connected with their care team and have greater access to resources for managing their conditions. Digital methods are becoming increasingly common tools for improving patient experiences and CCM programs also offer the flexibility of virtual connection. Virtual feedback, scheduling and digital communication with a medical team are all elements a CCM program can offer.
  • Expanded patient access: Reaching a provider is challenging for many people. CCM programs improve access to care, especially for patients of Rural Health Clinics (RHCs) or Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). 
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