AGS Health Awarded Cybersecurity Transparent Status by KLAS, Censinet
AGS Health Awarded Cybersecurity Transparent Status by KLAS, Censinet
Announced at ViVE22, AGS Health earned the Cybersecurity Transparent designation after voluntarily undergoing a comprehensive assessment
WASHINGTON D.C. – AGS Health, a leader in revenue cycle management solutions for major healthcare providers across the U.S., has achieved Cybersecurity Transparent status through a voluntary risk assessment process and program from Censinet and KLAS Research. AGS Health was one of the designation recipients recognized by the two organizations during an awards ceremony at ViVE 2022.
KLAS and Censinet launched the Cybersecurity Transparent designation to enable healthcare IT vendors and services firms to improve their overall risk and security profile by driving greater trust and transparency to thousands of healthcare providers. AGS Health volunteered for the assessment as a demonstration of its commitment to mitigating the rapidly growing risk of cyberattack – a critical threat for a healthcare industry that saw a 45% increase in attacks worldwide.
“Protecting the data entrusted to us by our clients is of the utmost importance to AGS Health, which is why we voluntarily underwent Censinet’s cybersecurity assessment,” said Patrice Wolfe, CEO of AGS Health. “We are proud to have our risk mitigation efforts recognized by this important Cybersecurity Transparent designation and appreciate the trust it instills in our clients that their data is secure.”
Adds Prasad PK, AGS Health’s General Counsel and Vice President of Legal & Corporate Affairs: “AGS Health worked closely with Censinet on an extensive assessment that ultimately demonstrated our alignment on critical standards for managing healthcare cybersecurity risk. It is gratifying to have met the rigorous standards for data protection as determined by the industry’s leading experts and to be able to demonstrate that accomplishment to our clients through this Cybersecurity Transparent designation.”
The Cybersecurity Transparent program assessment looks at six categories that measure and reflect the effectiveness of an organization’s cybersecurity processes: network security; data protection; identity and access management; threat and incident response; legal and regulatory; and resiliency. AGS Health received a top grade of “Mature” across all six categories. A full list of the companies and products that achieved Cybersecurity Transparent designation can be found at
“Cybersecurity is no longer an option for market-leading products from blue-chip companies that support the healthcare industry, and our partnership with Censinet brings effective risk management to the forefront,” said Taylor Davis, President of KLAS.
Offering the Cybersecurity Transparent designation provides more healthcare leaders with access to and insights into the overall preparedness of their vendors and products. The enthusiastic response from the market reflects its effectiveness at increasing healthcare cybersecurity safety.

“In just over a year working alongside KLAS on the Cybersecurity Transparent Program, I’m impressed not only by the increase in vendor participation but also by the strategic importance of their product submissions,” said Cormac Miller, President of Censinet.
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