FDB to Turn ‘What If’ into ‘What Is’ with Industry-Changing Announcement at HIMSS22
FDB to Turn ‘What If’ into ‘What Is’ with Industry-Changing Announcement at HIMSS22
Trusted drug knowledge leader to unveil details of an innovative market entrant that touches the entire healthcare industry; also: new medication decision support solutions leverage a patient’s unique context
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, March 8, 2022FDB (First Databank, Inc.), the leading provider of drug knowledge that helps healthcare professionals make precise decisions, today announced it will launch an industry-changing new solution during the 2022 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Fla., that touches every major segment of the healthcare industry.
“HIMSS22 is one of the largest healthcare technology conferences in the world, so we could not think of a better place to unveil our exciting new and innovative solution that will bring a welcome change to a major aspect of healthcare delivery as we know it,” said Bob Katter, president of FDB. “Our new offering is an exciting example of what happens when you turn ‘what if’ into what is. We started with some practical questions and wound up with something that is truly amazing.”
Katter added: “We are confident that our announcement and details of our solution’s launch will be of major interest and widely embraced. Our work developing deep and trusted knowledge of medications and healthcare workflows and connecting with multiple stakeholders throughout the healthcare system over the last four decades has led us to this point, and we are looking forward to sharing our new offering in Orlando.”
FDB will announce details of the new solution on Tuesday, March 15. An accompanying press release and other background information will be issued on that day. Members of the media are encouraged to visit FDB at booth #3659.
FDB PatientFirst Solutions Yield Benefits
During HIMSS22, FDB will also be sharing news about how solutions within its FDB PatientFirst suite are delivering targeted and patient-focused context (e.g., lab results and clinical risk scores) and drug information to help clinicians make precise, evidence-based decisions. The FDB PatientFirst solution suite was developed to ensure the patient and their unique circumstances are at the center of clinical decision support (CDS) through targeted, actionable, and timely care guidance that helps improve outcomes and increase clinician satisfaction. The following offers a brief overview of what HIMSS22 attendees will discover:
·       How to Access Patient-Specific Medication Guidance When It Matters Most with FDB Targeted Medication Warnings™. Improving the clinician experience with CDS and addressing alert fatigue continues to be a challenge for health systems. FDB’s Targeted Medication Warnings solution helps healthcare organizations provide more meaningful alerts for medication risk considerations based on situational context and patient-specific parameters. HIMSS22 attendees will learn how Lehigh Valley Health Network in Pennsylvania leveraged Targeted Medication Warnings to achieve a greater than 60% acceptance rate for hyperkalemia alerts, while significantly reducing alert volume, by delivering patient-centered and actionable guidance at the optimal moment within the prescriber workflow.
·       How to Leverage Actionable Insights to Boost CDS Effectiveness with FDB CDS Analytics™. FDB offers healthcare organizations powerful tools to easily identify, monitor and customize CDS, helping improve clinician user experience and advance CDS impact. HIMSS22 attendees can learn how FDB CDS Analytics is helping Community Health Network in Indiana determine which alerts are most effective and which are not and make adjustments so that less relevant or non-actionable alerts are removed from prescriber and pharmacist workflows.
·       How to Provide Evidence-Based Drug-Gene Guidance Within the Workflow with FDB Pharmacogenomic CDS. A patient’s unique genetic profile dramatically affects their response to certain medications. FDB’s pharmacogenomic solution advances treatment effectiveness and reduces medication safety risks by presenting patient-specific pharmacogenomic guidance for appropriate drug therapy to clinicians directly in their workflows. MEDITECH recently integrated FDB’s trusted drug data into Expanse Genomics, MEDITECH’s groundbreaking, integrated EHR-based solution, which allows users to receive, store and present complex genomic information to clinicians at the point of care.
At HIMSS22, Anna Dover, PharmD, BCPS, director of product management with FDB, and Harvard-trained medical geneticist Marsha Fearing, MD, MPH, MMSc, with MEDITECH, will discuss why and how genomics is about to change healthcare in the near term: 
MEDITECH Booth: 3311
Tuesday, March 15, 2022, 2 p.m.
Wednesday, March 16, 2022, 11:30 a.m.
“It is widely recognized that CDS needs to be more patient-specific and actionable to deliver higher impact,” said Virginia Halsey, vice president of product management for FDB. “For too long, achieving that impact has required homegrown builds or complicated integrations with fledgling companies—often with a substantial maintenance burden. With FDB’s PatientFirst approach, healthcare organizations can implement a next-generation CDS solution with highly regarded, professionally maintained medication content and with a partner that has a proven track record of integrating clinical content into the workflow.”
Halsey added: “The implementation choices you make—or worse, don’t make—are critical to your users’ experience—and the impact of CDS—especially with highly dynamic medication information.”
Solving Today’s Healthcare Challenges
In addition to optimizing clinical decision support, representatives from FDB at HIMSS22 will also explain how other solutions help healthcare professionals address major care delivery and operational challenges facing health systems and pharmacies today. HIMSS22 attendees will learn the following:
·       How to Tune Medication Alerts with FDB AlertSpace®. Over-alerting can interfere with the impact of medication CDS by overwhelming and desensitizing clinicians so that they may miss the truly critical messages. FDB AlertSpace enables healthcare organizations to customize alerts for their environments. FDB will share information about how Parkview Health in Indiana uses intuitive dashboards and other analytics capabilities from FDB AlertSpace to drive a structured, proactive alert-evaluation process to improve clinicians’ experiences. Parkview Health's data-driven evaluation resulted in nearly 9,000 (17.3%) fewer drug-drug interaction alerts per week.
·       How to Address Patient Medication Adherence and Understanding with Meducation®.  Ensuring patients understand and adhere to drug therapies, especially when taking multiple medications, requires accurate and easy-to-understand instructions and educational materials. Meducation is the most robust workflow-integrated solution available for personalizing and translating medication instructions—including simplified monographs, Universal Medication Schedule (UMS) calendars visuals, administration-specific videos, support for multilingual labeling, and more. All material is available at a 5[sup]th[/sup] to 8[sup]th[/sup] grade reading level and in nearly 30 languages.
·       How to Combat Supply Chain Disruption with FDB Prizm. It has become increasingly important for healthcare organizations to have access to actionable data to optimize supply chain processes and reduce disruption. FDB Prizm delivers valuable medical device knowledge that is standardized, normalized, and categorized by FDB experts and structured to enable users to build and maintain a device library that is accurate and up to date, identify and document medical devices anywhere in case of recall and adverse events, and group and analyze medical device utilization, cost, effectiveness, and much more. FDB Prizm helps hospitals and health systems maintain adequate stock levels with clear visibility into their entire ecosystem of medical supply and device products and vendors with the FDB Prizm portal.
‘Pop In’ for Conversation and Prizes
HIMSS22 attendees can view demonstrations of these solutions during HIMSS22 at the Orange County Convention Center exhibit hall booth #3659.
Attendees are invited to attend the following reception to learn more:
“Pop In” for Conversation and Prizes
Wednesday, March 16, 5 pm to 6 pm
HIMSS22 Exhibit Hall Booth #3659
Hosted by FDB, Zynx Health, and MCG
Complimentary gourmet popcorn gift to all attendees
Drawing for $1,000 Amazon gift card
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