PeriGen Wins 2015 Fierce Innovation Award
PeriGen Wins 2015 Fierce Innovation Awards: Healthcare Edition
for its PeriCALM CheckList
Perinatal decision-support softwarehelps hospitals simplify the use of labor checklists
CRANBURY,N.J. ─ December 14, 2015 PeriGen, the global leaderin clinical decision support for obstetrics (OB) systems, announced today that its new PeriCALM®
software was named the winner of the Fierce Innovation Awards 2015: Healthcare Edition in the Clinical Information Management category.

Building on research reporting thatthe use of obstetrical checklists can help clinicians improve perinataloutcomes and reduce the risk of lawsuits, PeriCALM CheckList was created to help hospitals improve compliance with protocols that depend on electronic fetal monitoring. PeriCALM CheckList continuously analyzes fetal heart rate and contractions to identify concerning trends, even those occurring faintly and over a long expanse of time. This level of vigilance and standardization is especially effective when administering oxytocin (a commonly used drug that stimulates contractions).    

PeriCALM CheckList simplifies the checklist processby accurately and automatically counting and summarizing specific fetal heart rate and contraction patterns. The color coded displays of PeriCALM CheckList provide quick visual cues when specific criteria have been exceeded. PeriCALM CheckList criteria can be customized by each hospital or health system according to their protocols that govern clinical care.   

Winners in the annual awards program, which isconducted by the publisher of FierceHealthIT,
FierceHealthcare and FierceMobileHealthcare, were selected bya distinguished panel of CIOs from renowned U.S. Hospitals and healthcare systems, including Allina Health, Rush University Medical Center, Aspirus and JFK Health System among others.

All of the finalists were evaluatedbased on criteria including care efficiency, competitive advantage, financial impact/value, market need, patient experience/satisfaction, quality of care and patient outcomes, and overall fierceness and innovation. Winning entries were selected based on calculation of the judges’ scores in each area.
“Adverse outcomes during childbirth aredevastating for the families as well as the clinical staff,” said Matthew Sappern, chief executive officer at PeriGen. “They can also bring severe financial consequences when care did not follow widely accepted practices, making it even more important to adhere to established protocols. PeriCALM CheckList is a powerful tool for helping clinicians meet expected standards of care. We are proud that its potential to drive better outcomes has been recognized with this Fierce Innovation Award.” 
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PeriGen,Inc. is an innovative provider of fetal surveillance systems employing patented, pattern-recognition and obstetrics technologies that empower perinatal clinicians to make confident, real-time decisions about the mothers and babies in their care. PeriGen’s customer-centric team of clinicians and technologists builds the most advanced systems available to augment obstetric decision-making and improve communications among the clinical team at the point of care, while supporting data flow between healthcare IT systems.  PeriGen’s fetal monitoring system is the only electronic fetal monitoring pattern recognition system that is validated by the NICHD. Visit us at


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