Availity Rebrands Provider Product Suite
Availity Rebrands Provider Product Suite, Making Room for a New Service that Expands Access to Payers

Nation’s leading health information network addresses the needs of evolving healthcare market

Jacksonville, FL, December 1, 2021 -- Availity, one of the nation's largest healthcare networks serving health plans and providers, today announced a rebrand of their suite of provider products, that includes a forthcoming mid-level product that expands providers’ access to more payers nationwide.

Availity’s flagship solution that provides a health plan-sponsored, free, provider portal is now called Availity Essentials. Soon, providers will have the option within Availity Essentials to upgrade or subscribe to Availity Essentials Plus and gain access to additional payers throughout the Availity network. As part of the rebranding, Availity's premium revenue cycle management (RCM) product, Availity RCM, will now be known as Availity Essentials Pro.

The rebrand comes as Availity celebrates its twentieth year in business and continues to evolve to address the needs of the consumer-driven healthcare market.  

"Working with our health plan customers to build a more consistent multi-payer experience through the Availity network, our provider solutions have grown to become an essential part of any healthcare provider's business," said Russ Thomas, Availity CEO. "Whether leveraging our health plan-sponsored portal (now Availity Essentials) or investing in our premium RCM product (Availity Essentials Pro), providers are using our solutions every day to streamline their operations and improve the patient experience."  

In addition to the rebrand effort, Availity is taking a new, patient-centric approach to product development. Leveraging user intelligence and insights, Availity is committed to delivering a more intuitive experience that meets customers where they are in their tech journey. This new approach will bring even more efficiencies to the provider workflow, allowing providers to retain more for the services offered at the front and back end of the revenue cycle.

"For many providers, it's not about growing their business, but about expending fewer resources to capture what they've earned from payers and patients," said Thomas.

"Customer expectations around user experience and the intelligent capabilities of our solutions are getting more sophisticated,” said Leslie Antunes, Chief Growth Officer at Availity. “This rebrand and refreshed approach to product development is a clear signal to our healthcare provider customers that we are listening. Also, we are helping providers to understand that they have several options in how they can work with Availity."

With more than 2 million healthcare providers in Availity's network and connections to almost every health plan in the country, Availity continues to thrive as a leader in payer-provider collaboration. Providers can start their journey with Availity today by creating a free account on Availity Essentials. Visit Availity.com to learn more about Availity Essentials, Essentials Plus, and Essentials Pro.

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About Availity
Availity is the place where healthcare finds the answers needed to shift focus back to patient care. We work to solve communication challenges in healthcare by creating a richer, more transparent exchange of information among health plans, providers, and technology partners. As one of the nation’s largest health information networks, Availity facilitates billions of clinical, administrative, and financial transactions annually. Our suite of dynamic products, built on a powerful, intelligent platform, enables real-time collaboration for success in a competitive, value-based care environment. 

For more information, including an online demonstration, please visit www.availity.com or call 1.800.AVAILITY (282.4548).

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