Central Logic Integrates Offering and Rebrands to ABOUT™
Central Logic Integrates Offering and Rebrands to ABOUT™, Signaling Move to Maximize a Connected Network of Care

Acting on the company vision, ABOUT connects the disconnected and takes
a holistic approach to healthcare access and orchestration—enabling
a true Real Time Health System and better patient outcomes
ST. PAUL, MINN. – October 5, 2021 –
Central Logic announced the integration of two earlier acquisitions with their core solution today. The integration of Ensocare (which automates the inpatient referral process to post-acute care [PAC]) and Acuity Link (a leading provider of transportation communications and logistics management software) into the Central Logic portfolio creates an end-to-end solution for orchestrating patient access across the healthcare continuum. The integration, combined with Central Logic’s existing proven technology and consulting solutions, empowers hospitals to operate as a Real Time Health System (RTHS) and a connected network of care.

The integration is part of CEO Angie Franks’ broader strategic vision for an end-to-end solution. Franks joined the board of directors in 2014 and was named CEO in 2017. She quickly recognized gaps in how health systems were addressing patient access, the expansion of care settings, and health equity. Additionally, Franks identified an increase of hospital mergers and acquisitions that lead to diversified geographical regions and disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems and processes. This further complicated a systemic approach to care. Franks realized that in order to solve these systemic challenges, looking holistically outside the hospital walls is necessary. She set a new vision for the company, and the creation of an end-to-end solution is one step toward bringing Franks’ vision to life.

Another step on that trajectory is rebranding the company to reflect its market-leading position more accurately in the access and orchestration space, and its holistic approach to patient care. Today Central Logic also introduced its rebranded company: ABOUT™ Healthcare, Inc. For more details about the rebrand, please see the video on the ABOUT homepage at www.abouthealthcare.com.

“Our new brand is more than a new name and logo. It’s opening a conversation about what access and orchestration—and healthcare—can be about,” Franks said. “We’re creating a paradigm shift to more proactive—and less reactive—care by orchestrating the decision-making process.”

She added: “Powered by real-time data and best practices, the technology, processes and expertise from ABOUT help move patients into, out of, and through various care settings; as well as coordinating their transportation. We’re bringing health and care closer together and connecting the disconnected by providing health systems with the necessary controls and insights needed to grow with resilience, drive clinician effectiveness, and improve patient outcomes.”

The pandemic as proof
The ability to operate as one system of care is exemplified by the role ABOUT played in the creation and execution of the Arizona Surge Line, which ensures all COVID-19 patients across the state receive appropriate access to care. More than 100 hospitals with varying ownerships, affiliations and EHRs participate in the Surge Line.

The ABOUT solution enables the Surge Line to provide referring hospitals anywhere in Arizona with one phone number to navigate patients to the appropriate level of care, including transport coordination and real-time patient tracking.

The Surge Line does not supplant the transfer and access centers operated by participating health systems. It sits on top of, and is the front door to, all of the individual transfer centers for COVID-19 referrals.

Using the ABOUT solution, the Arizona Surge Line integrates data from dozens of EHRs and other information systems and delivers real-time visibility into available intensive care unit (ICU) beds, specialists, ventilators and other sometimes scarce resources—guaranteeing faster access to care for patients.

“We were able to successfully power the Arizona Surge Line on this massive scale due to our many years of experience working at the health system level,” Franks said. “The pandemic has awoken the healthcare industry to how we can address chronic, deep-rooted issues—in particular the fragmented, reactionary, and inefficient use of resources.”

She added: “This is a bold, innovative change for hospitals and health systems. By focusing on eliminating traditional silos of information and communication to reduce time to care, providers can create greater predictability throughout the patient journey and ensure consistent optimal clinical outcomes. ABOUT is leading that change now—and will continue to lead in the future.”

About the Company
ABOUT offers a flexible, purpose-built solution that empowers hospitals and health systems to operate as one connected network of care. We enable easy access for clinicians to move patients into and out of the acute care setting—getting them to the next, best care setting faster and easier. Complemented by our clinical experts and best practices, we provide health systems the necessary controls and insights to grow with resilience, drive clinician effectiveness, and improve patient outcomes. For more information,  visit www.abouthealthcare.com.

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