Support Members' Behavioral Health Needs Alongside Chronic Conditions
WEA Trust offers high-quality, flexible health plans for Wisconsin public employers. Through their partnership with CareSignal, they have been able to increase member engagement and disease self-management across multiple programs, including hypertension, COPD, and depression.

Learn how:

- WEA Trust members interact with and are impacted by CareSignal communications
- Real-time member health data is collected and used for timely intervention
- Long-term engagement and improved outcomes are being facilitated

"CareSignal enables us to interact with our members remotely and intelligently. With the CareSignal dashboard, we know which members are managing their health well and who is struggling. Our Care Managers reach out promptly to those members in need, allowing us to improve health outcomes and efficiently use the expertise of our clinicians."
- Jeff Carter, Manager of Utilization Review, WEA Trust

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