[White Paper] CareSignal has Partnered with Innovaccer to Deliver Scalable RPM
Transform Your Population Health Strategy with Scalable Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring

Innovaccer, 2021 Best in KLAS for Population Health Management winner, has partnered with CareSignal to offer Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring to organizations and payers participating in value-based care on the Innovaccer Health Cloud.

Learn more from Dr. David Nace, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. Paul Grundy, Chief Transformation Officer, how Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring informs Innovaccer's risk stratification models for better care management with real time patient data.

Key Points:
  • The 4 Challenges to Providing Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Why provider organizations in value-based care can benefit the most from Deviceless RPM
  • How Deviceless RPM closes the last mile of population health, leading to improved clinical and financial outcomes.
  • Results achieved by Provider Organizations with CareSignal
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