Voalte Announces ‘Story,’ ‘Insight’ & Uber Initiative to Expand Care Collaboration
Voalte Announces ‘Story,’ ‘Insight’ and Uber Initiative to Expand Care Collaboration Offerings
New healthcare communication products and programs build on Voalte Platform and expand company alliances with major healthcare and transportation market leaders  
SARASOTA, Fla.(Nov. 13, 2015) — Voalte, the leader in healthcare communication technology, announced two new product offerings, Voalte Story and Voalte Insight, and an innovative initiative with Uber to manage patient transportation. Voalte made the announcements during its inaugural user conference, VUE15, attended by IT and clinical leaders from many of the nation’s top healthcare organizations. The next-generation products and initiatives will help customers position their organizations for success by taking advantage of opportunities created by the U.S. healthcare system’s transition to a more patient-centered, value-based model. The new functionality will build on the recently launched Voalte Platform®, a secure, comprehensive communication solution that integrates healthcare technologies, simplifies care collaboration and powers better patient care.
“Our new product offerings provide evidence of the full potential of Voalte Platform, as well as the countless new products that can be developed in the future,” said Trey Lauderdale, founder and CEO of Voalte. “We continue to work with our customers to not only meet our customers’ and the industry’s expectations about healthcare communication capabilities, but to push the envelope to unprecedented advances in care collaboration.”
Voalte Story
Voalte Story taps into the huge advances in consumer communication to create “enterprise social-based communication” (ESBC) to drive interaction in a format similar to social networks by using familiar symbols such as @ and #.
With Voalte Story, text messages can be sent simultaneously to multiple parties, and care team members can comment and collaborate in real time on specific alarms, text messages or phone calls. Caregivers can also see the history of sent and received messages related to a particular patient.  
Voalte is co-developing the solution with the Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) at Universityof California, San Francisco (UCSF) and is expecting it to launch in 2016.
For details on this new product, click here.
Voalte Insight
Voalte customers want meaningful ways to monitor, analyze and optimize communications throughout their organization to gain insights into communication volume, patterns and trends needed to improve workflow. Voalte Insight, a new reporting and analytics tool (available in Q1 2016), quantifies system usage, identifies communication flows, audits events, and meets analytic mandates. 

For example, it enables users to determine which departments communicate with each other frequently; which teams are contacted most often and how that breaks down by the role of staff member requesting assistance; the volume and patterns of voice and text communications; and which “roles” receive the highest number of alarms as well as voice and text communications.
Voalte Insight provides out-of-the-box reports and dashboards, and are port editor that enables non-IT experts to easily view reports and dashboards. This frees up expensive, over-extended health IT staff to focus on projects that require their expertise.  
Voalte, Sarasota Memorial Hospital and Uber Initiative
Voalte, Uber and Sarasota Memorial Health Care System have teamed to create a new Voalte application that makes scheduling transportation easier for people who need a ride to doctor or medical appointments.
The new application will integrate Voalte Platform with Uber’s Internet-enabled platform to give a pilot group of patients discharged from Sarasota Memorial Hospital a convenient option to pre-arrange rides through Uber for physician visits, lab work, rehabilitation or other post-hospital care.
For details on this initiative, click here.
About Voalte
Voalte develops smartphone solutions that simplify caregiver communication. As the only company to offer a comprehensive Mobile Communication Strategy, Voalte enables care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely. Voalte customers benefit from a solid smartphone infrastructure that supports their existing systems and expands to accommodate future technologies.  Founded in 2008, Voalte is a privately held company based in Sarasota, Florida. Over 75,000 caregivers use Voalte products every day. For more information, visit voalte.com or follow @Voalte on Twitter.

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