Why do so Many Providers Fail to Capture Annual Wellness Visits?
Hint: It’s Your AWV Workflow

The claims data supporting the power of Medicare’s Annual Wellness Visits (AWV) is eye-opening. The average annual cost benchmark for a Medicare beneficiary is $10,000. If a patient gets an AWV, that cost burden to taxpayers is reduced by 5.7%.  There are few programs under the Value-Based Care umbrella that perform better. Yet, only 19% of all Medicare patients get an AWV? Why are we so bad at ensuring patients get an AWV? 

There are three reasons providers fail to complete Medicare Annual Wellness Visits (AWV):

1) Providers are resistant because they believe AWVs take up too much time
2) Providers have not been educated on the benefits of AWVs or capture options
3) Providers confuse Physicals for AWVs

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