A New Way to Provide Opioid Discharge Support
CareSignal is excited to share our 13th peer-reviewed journal, which focuses on how Deviceless Remote Patient Monitoring can provide opioid discharge support.

Here are some of the highlights:
- The text-message based program demonstrated the high engagement and accessibility for which CareSignal is known: over 80% of patients engaged with more than half of all messages.
- The Deviceless RPM program enabled patients to report opioid usage, pain, refill requests and disposal behaviors to their clinician.
- At the conclusion of the program, only 3.2% of patients requested an opioid refill after their initial prescription.
- Patient-reported satisfaction with the level of communication and the messaging program experience was extremely positive; 96% of patients in the program reported high satisfaction with the level of communication with their provider and with their experience using the program.

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