[Webinar] Lessons from Top Providers Using Scalable Remote Monitoring for Equitable V
Upcoming Webinar on May 11th at 1PM ET

Leading Providers Use Remote Monitoring to Scale Equitable, Value-based Care

Clinical and Population Health leaders face new challenges in delivering healthcare access and equity to diverse patient populations, under increasingly risk-based care models, in a post-pandemic environment. How can executives avoid fragmentation and sustain virtual, patient-centric care while driving quality, outcomes, and financial returns? Join CareSignal CEO Blake Marggraff and learn how leading IDNs and physician groups clad their IT and remote monitoring strategies post-COVID for the benefit of providers and care management teams, while preparing for increasing Medicare Advantage, Direct Contracting, and other alternative payment models.

Attendees will be able to:
  • Examine the approaches and strategic rationale behind five leading organizations’ approaches to maintaining virtual care flexibility without settling for a K-shaped health equity trajectory
  • Explain the imminent value-based care drivers forcing health systems to scale “care outside the four walls,” and associated tech & operational preparation
  • Implement a tactical framework to bridge the digital divide using the right clinical licenses and technologies for the right populations and contracts
  • Bonus: Identify the most common pitfalls when attempting to scale engagement throughout vulnerable populations
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