Advancing Precision Medicine with MEDITECH and GenomOncology
GenomOncology published following press release: Advancing Precision Medicine: Frederick Health's Landmark, Strategic Collaboration with MEDITECH and GenomOncology, detailing how Frederick Health is leveraging meticulously curated precision oncology information, including clinical trials and approved therapies, using an API suite developed by MEDITECH and GenomOncology, giving end users access to comprehensive precision medicine information within the EHR that bolsters their overall decision support capabilities; enabling their teams to make more informed recommendations for patients in a more time-efficient manner.

GenomOncology will also be participating in the HIMSS 2024 Interoperability Showcase, appearing in the MEDITECH kiosk (Interoperability Showcase in Hall A, at the MEDITECH Booth (Booth 3760, Kiosk 71) from March 12 - 14, starting at 12:30 pm ET daily). This session will give users a look at how MEDITECH and GenomOncology have created a first-of-its-kind solution to harmonize discrete genetic data, problem information, and demographics to recommend optimal therapies and clinical trials directly to clinicians right within the EHR.

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