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RxRevu’s Rapid Growth Enables Patient Affordability and Access to Care - Adam Rosenberg - 03-17-2022

DENVER, March 16, 2022 // RxRevu, a leading provider of integrated solutions that improve patient access to care, today announced it has hit several key milestones, including impacting over $20 billion in healthcare spend. Through partnerships with industry-leading payers, providers, and electronic health record vendors, the RxRevu network has expanded to include more than 150 million patient lives and more than 300,000 providers. With access to RxRevu’s workflow-embedded cost and coverage tools, these providers can improve patient affordability and speed-to-care.
Since launching the network in April of 2019, RxRevu has completed over 100 million transactions — surpassing 7 million per month — worth over $20 billion in total healthcare spend. These transactions include 35 million medication alternatives and 5 million prior authorization alerts, giving providers key data points to make more effective care decisions.
“This year, we have grown our network at an unprecedented rate, enabling us to help millions of patients get the care they need at prices they can afford,” said Kyle Kiser, CEO at RxRevu. He added, “this growth has occurred despite massive industry headwinds, including the pandemic dramatically shifting healthcare priorities. Still, we’re more confident than ever of our ability to significantly reduce healthcare costs and unnecessary friction.”
RxRevu’s suite of care access solutions deliver content from payers, pharmacy benefit managers, coupon and copay discount providers, and pharmacies to integrated prescribing workflows. “Our ability to integrate, test, and launch new content partners and health systems in less than two months highlights our best-in-class implementation processes and focus on impactful growth,” said Christie Callahan, Chief Operating Officer at RxRevu. She continued, “we’re solving one of the industry’s most pervasive challenges at scale, allowing the selection of affordable care options in real-time.”
In order to maintain and accelerate their record growth through 2022, RxRevu has made strategic investments in personnel, data infrastructure, and product development. These investments will help RxRevu attain its goal of improving patient access and affordability by empowering providers with superior data and insights.
For their considerable growth and technological innovations over the past year, RxRevu was recently recognized as #5 in the 2022 Inc Regional Awards and #384 on the 2021 Inc. 5000 list. To learn more about joining the industry’s fastest growing content delivery network, please visit RxRevu.com or reach out today.
About RxRevu
RxRevu is on a mission to improve healthcare by providing accurate, patient-specific coverage and cost data at the point of care. RxRevu’s solutions help providers quickly and easily find affordable care options specific to a patient’s health and financial needs. With comprehensive, clinically-relevant information at their fingertips, providers can make more informed, consistent, and frictionless care decisions. RxRevu’s solutions also enable health systems to manage and measure provider performance and variability. For more information about RxRevu, its innovative solutions and growing network, please visit rxrevu.com.