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Full Version: evolvedMD Selects NeuroFlow to Expand, Scale Collaborative Care Program
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evolvedMD Selects NeuroFlow to Expand, Scale 
Collaborative Care Program
More than 20 primary care sites will have access to patient registry and downloadable patient-facing digital experience for elevated care management

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (March 1, 2022) — evolvedMD, a behavioral health staffing and services provider, has partnered with NeuroFlow, the market leader in technology-powered behavioral health integration, to scale an enhanced collaborative care program.

Connecting key players in integration from both primary care and behavioral health, NeuroFlow will leverage its proprietary patient registry and mobile technology to enrich the ongoing collaboration between evolvedMD and HonorHealth’s 24 provider locations. As part of the implementation, NeuroFlow will enhance the current solution for collaborative care, delivering improved patient outcomes by reducing clinical burden for both physical and behavioral health providers.

“It takes a team to deliver effective behavioral health care at scale, especially when healthcare professionals are facing a historic volume of patients from the pandemic,” said NeuroFlow Chief Operating Officer Adam Pardes. “We believe workflow automation tools and purposefully-built care management registries will accelerate the adoption of evidence-based care models and bring together the right ingredients to better manage and meet this new era of patient care.”

NeuroFlow’s patient registry will be the nucleus of this model, deploying artificial intelligence to collect data, identify population trends, and inform clinical care teams in real-time. evolvedMD is a premier healthcare services organization with expertise in clinical care and commercial excellence. The two organizations integrate with primary care providers, creating a continuous feedback loop and optimizing care for individual patients.

“The patient journey can be complex and difficult to manage, but partnerships like this encourage communication and data-sharing across care settings – from primary care to behavioral health and other specialties,” said evolvedMD Co-Founder and Managing Partner Erik Osland. “NeuroFlow’s technology anticipates the needs of providers and creates a seamless workflow for our clinicians to ultimately allow them to do what they do best: provide impactful interventions to the patients they serve.”

With the deal, NeuroFlow’s collaborative care operating system expands its footprint and user base in the Southwestern U.S. The company, which serves leading organizations like Jefferson Health, Health First, and Magellan Health, continues to see adoption due to the platform’s ease of use and demand from clinical teams. With a focus on expansion to deliver transformational services to more Americans in need, evolvedMD is set to provide integrated behavioral health services to more than 100 practices engaging more than 500 primary care providers in Arizona and Utah by the end of 2022. To support this rapid growth, evolvedMD has sought key industry partners to deploy its model, improve the patient experience, and increase access to care.

About evolvedMD
Founded in 2017, evolvedMD is leading the integration of behavioral health services in modern primary care. Uniquely upfront and ongoing, our distinctive model not only places but embeds behavioral health specialists onsite at your practice. We offer an economically viable and better way to integrate behavioral health that ultimately drives improved patient outcomes. https://www.evolvedmd.com 

About NeuroFlow
NeuroFlow provides best-in-class technology and care services for the effective integration of behavioral health. NeuroFlow’s HIPAA-compliant platform supports over 14 million users across 300 health systems, payors, and organizations, helping them capture behavioral health insights and take action to proactively manage individuals and populations holistically. https://www.neuroflow.com