TransformativeMed Partners with Beebe Healthcare
TransformativeMed Partners with Beebe Healthcare to Improve
Operational Efficiency and Prevent Clinician Burnout
Health system to go live in January with three TransformativeMed apps to improve clinician workflows, communications and overall EHR experience
SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 13, 2019TransformativeMed, the leader in transforming electronic health records (EHRs) with apps directly embedded within the EHR, today announced a partnership with Beebe Healthcare (Beebe) in Delaware to improve the health system’s clinical workflow efficiency, patient care communication and overall clinician experience with their electronic health record (EHR) system.
Founded in 1916, Beebe Healthcare includes a 210-licensed-bed medical center as well as five outpatient locations offering an array of inpatient, outpatient, emergency and diagnostic services. Beebe’s specialized service lines include cardiac and vascular, surgical services, oncology, women’s health and orthopedic services.
Beebe, like many health systems nationwide, has recognized the importance of preventing physician and clinician burnout by optimizing their EHR and making workflows more intuitive and productive. This emphasis is in keeping with a groundbreaking report on burnout that the National Academy of Medicine recently issued. The report, “Taking Action Against Clinician Burnout: A Systems Approach to Professional Well-Being,” outlines six goals health system leaders and other stakeholders can pursue to prevent and mitigate clinician burnout and foster professional well-being, including “improving the usability and relevance of health IT” and “reduce tasks that do not improve patient care.”
In keeping with those goals, one of the many benefits the TransformativeMed platform will offer Beebe is saving their clinicians 45 minutes to an hour each shift because they will no longer need to print patient lists from the EHR. All the relevant data and communication tools to support their rounds will be securely available from their mobile devices.
“The highest quality patient care is our top priority, and preventing burnout among our physicians and other clinicians is crucial to achieving that goal,” said George Kluchnik, MD and hospitalist at Beebe Healthcare. “By making our EHR align better with our clinicians’ workflows through TransformativeMed, they can spend less time with technology and more time with their patients—which improves their satisfaction as well as patient experience.”
Restoring Joy in Practice
Beebe Healthcare is implementing three key modules from the TransformativeMed platform to improve workflow efficiency and clinician communication. Those modules are:

·        Core Work Manager App. Embedded in the EHR, the Core Work Manager App delivers rich, actionable information visually presented in a format unique to each specialty’s priorities. Clinical teams caring for a patient have accurate, timely and actionable information to organize rounds, convey discharge readiness, conduct handoffs and manage their patient list. The list of patients includes the most recent list of issues and is organized based on the information that each team needs to maximize relevance.

·        Core Work Manager Mobile App. Everything clinicians need is delivered through this mobile app that allows a bidirectional flow of information between the EHR and the clinicians’ smartphone or another mobile device. Their team’s patient to-do list can be reviewed and updated with the latest information from a personalized patient list, and tasks can be created and edited with voice-to-text and then automatically uploaded to the EHR for the entire care team to see. This capability minimizes entering the same information multiple times and ensures the team is updated in real time.

·        Core Notify App. Alert fatigue has been cited as a major contributor to clinicians’ frustrations with health IT. With Notify, clinicians can subscribe to only the alerts that are most important to them, ensuring fewer interruptions and faster response rates. While easily configured based on user or facility, the Notify App also automatically learns clinicians’ preferences, so their alerts are always relevant and actionable.
“We are proud to partner with a leading organization such as Beebe Healthcare that has taken the crucial step to maximize the value they receive from their EHR by improving their clinicians’ satisfaction and the efficiency of their workflows,” said Rodrigo Martinez, MD, Chief Clinical Officer at TransformativeMed. “As the National Academy of Medicine report points out, helping maintain or restore clinicians’ well-being and joy in medicine must be a national priority. A major step forward, as Beebe has done, is to make their EHR work like their physicians work so they can spend more time caring for patients.”
About TransformativeMed
TransformativeMed dramatically improves the usability of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), with specialty-specific and disease-specific workflows, which are embedded within the EHR. The Core Work Manager and Core Diabetes App securely synchronize clinical workflow, tasks, alerts, notifications and messages to harmonize the care team and create seamless communication across clinicians, using any device, including mobile. With TransformativeMed, clinicians are happier and clinical work is streamlined, more efficient, less costly and safer. Learn more at
About Beebe Healthcare
Beebe Healthcare is a not-for-profit community healthcare system with a charitable mission to encourage healthy living, prevent illness, and restore optimal health for the people who live in, work in, and visit the communities we serve. Beebe Healthcare has three campuses: the Margaret H. Rollins Lewes Campus, which houses the medical center; the Rehoboth Beach Health Campus; and coming in 2020, the South Coastal Health Campus. Beebe Healthcare offers primary care as well as specialized services in the areas of cardiac and vascular, general surgery, robotic surgery, cancer treatment, women's health, and orthopaedics. Beebe also offers walk-in care, lab, imaging and physical rehabilitation services at several locations throughout Sussex County, in addition to a Home Care program and an adult activities center.
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