ELLKAY to host webinar "Application Decommissioning Strategies"
ELLKAY is hosting an upcoming webinar "Application Decommissioning Strategies" with healthsystemCIO, featuring Marc Probst and Nick Szymanski.

Wednesday, 10/23 at 2pm EST.
With healthcare systems running dozens, if not hundreds, of applications, it’s no surprise CIOs are constantly faced with the challenge of decommissioning legacy applications and migrating at least some of that data to the new apps du jour. Of course, doing so in an efficient and cost-effective manner is easier said than done. In this important webinar, we’ll hear from leaders who, through their experience, have gained insights into how best to move data from here to there so users stay happy and the bottom line stays strong.
Sign up here: https://healthsystemcio.com/application-...trategies/

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