Webinar: Achieving Population Health Through Team-Based Care
Presented by Kathy Kerscher, VP of Primary Care, Bellin Health
September 24
12:00-1:00pm Central


This session will detail the practical aspects of the system-wide transformation to team-based care at Bellin Health. Learn how this transformation achieves the three wins: a win for the patient, a win for the care team, and a win for the system. Objectives include:
  • Understanding the three components of Bellin Health’s model of advanced team-based care
  • Learning how the roles of team members are transformed to empower them to work at the top of their skill sets as well as understand the training needed
  • Determining the infrastructures needed to be successful 
  • Understanding how team-based care can help your practice achieve the Triple Aim and improve the well-being of physicians and staff

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