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Under the covers of Omni-HealthData
Omni-HealthData is a healthcare data management and analytics application built on top of Information Builders’ Omni-Gen and WebFOCUS platforms. Our technologies are designed for scale: more users, more data, more speed, more use cases, more applications.

The WebFOCUS platform has broad and deep analytical capabilities that help companies use data more strategically across and beyond the enterprise. The Omni-Gen platform is a complete data management solution with integrated data quality and mastering functions for the accurate and complete data your organization is looking for.

Additionally, Omni-HealthData has the benefit of InfoApps™, which are highly interactive, turnkey analytical and reporting apps for healthcare metrics. In conjunction with St. Luke’s University Health Network (SLUHN), we created a set of InfoApps designed to serve a range of critical informational needs for healthcare organizations. These are available as Omni-HealthData Insights.

Need more proof that we’re an industry leader in these technologies? Look no further than Dresner Advisory Services, which called us “…an overall leader in both Customer Experience and Vendor Credibility models” in their tenth Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Survey.

Download your complimentary copy of this valuable report to read about how awesome our technology is. We look forward to working with you.

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