ELLKAY to Present Clean Lab Orders Benefactor Session at EWC
If you're attending Executive War College, don't miss ELLKAY's benefactor session.
Maximize Reimbursements and Increase Revenue 
With Clean Lab Orders
Wednesday, May 1 | 7:30 am - 8:20 am
Billing for lab services is amazingly complex and nuanced and there are thousands of variables which go into the process to get paid for services. It is imperative in these times of financial crisis that labs work to identify and avoid pre-analytical errors to maximize reimbursements. 

Shreya Patel, Philippe Flamant, and Nicole Chandler will discuss how this process is handled and teach the attendees the tenets of this process, including:
  • The impact of pre-analytical errors
  • Maximizing the lab's value
  • Correcting errors before accessioning
  • Inconsistencies between various EMR requisitions
  • The electronic ordering workflow
  • How clean orders impact reimbursements
  • Stats from Precision Diagnostics on the impact they have experienced
This presentation will teach those in the lab revenue cycle world how to avoid lost revenue and increase reimbursements by submitting clean lab orders. 

The session will also examine how clean orders and a streamlined workflow are impacting Precision Diagnostics, with stats and examples of the success they have experienced with 100% clean lab orders.

Presenters include Nicole Chandler, Director of Applications & Business Intelligence, Shreya Patel, ELLKAY Vice President of Product Management & Strategy, and Philippe Flamant, ELLKAY Vice President of Client Services.

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