Nuance Helps Piedmont Healthcare Improve Clinical Doc., Physician Productivity
Nuance’s AI-powered solutions deliver more complete patient story, quantifiable time-savings for care teams

BURLINGTON, Mass. and ATLANTA, GA., O[b]ctober 30, 2018Nuance Communications, Inc. and Piedmont Healthcare, an integrated healthcare system with nearly 600 locations and 11 hospitals, today announced that Nuance’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions have driven valuable improvements in clinical documentation accuracy and efficiency at Piedmont Healthcare, and quantifiable time-savings for its care teams. In an effort to create a one-of-a-kind experience that always puts patient care first, Piedmont Healthcare has implemented Dragon Medical One, Nuance’s AI-powered speech recognition platform, PowerMic Mobile, a secure microphone app that turns any workstation into a dictation station and Dragon Medical Advisor, an AI-powered computer-assisted physician documentation (CAPD) solution.[/b]
“We chose Nuance for both their products as well as their service and support capabilities. Nuance provides a vital set of tools to our physicians with innovations and resources to boost their efficiency and quality of work,” said Robert Budman, M.D., chief medical information officer at Piedmont Healthcare. “In just a short period of time, Nuance Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile have improved our physicians’ ability to more quickly and accurately create a pertinent document of our patients' stories. Because of the success thus far, we will be expanding the rollout of these solutions, including computer-assisted physician documentation, to a broader group of clinicians and caregivers in the weeks and months to come.”
Dr. Budman went on to share the following feedback he’s received from physicians using Nuance’s AI-powered solutions:
        • “It has helped my clinic workflow tremendously. No more going back to my office.”;
        • “It is revolutionary!”;
        • “I absolutely love it and I have really encouraged my team to embrace using Dragon.”;
        • “The new software… Dragon Medical One, is exceptionally accurate.”; and
        • “The notes are actually telling us something useful!”
Piedmont Healthcare physicians credit Dragon Medical One and its built-in productivity tools like AutoTexts and Advanced Step-by-Step Commands for productivity gains. Collectively, physicians using AutoTexts now save hundreds of additional hours per month and capture 65 percent more documentation per hour using their voice to input information — resulting in more comprehensive patient stories. With Advanced Step-by-Step, which provides a higher level of automation to complete workflows, physicians have the ability to give complex voice commands that contain one or more steps and can easily navigate between entry fields. Advanced Step-by-Step not only increases quality and completeness of documentation, but also saves time and improves physician, care team, and patient experiences.
Dragon Medical One, a HITRUST CSF certified solution, is completely cloud-based and seamlessly integrated into existing workflows so users can enjoy consistent documentation experiences regardless of their location. Greater ease of installation and virtualization support, higher portability and access, greater accuracy, and built-in productivity tools all contributed to increases in adoption.
Beyond the productivity improvements provided by Dragon Medical One and PowerMic Mobile, Piedmont Healthcare providers will be able to further enhance the quality of documentation with the support of Dragon Medical Advisor. AI-powered Dragon Medical Advisor analyzes patient notes as they’re created so physicians can immediately update their documentation with the appropriate level of specificity while the details of the patient visit are still in front of them. Notes are more precise and complete, and physicians receive fewer post-discharge and out-of-context queries from CDI and coding teams. As physicians begin to naturally document more complete notes, the advisor fades into the background.
“Piedmont Healthcare is a distinguished, long-standing institution that understands the importance of empowering its physicians with innovations like voice-driven CDI to ensure optimal efficiency and productivity resulting in complete documentation that fully reflects the care provided,” said Michael Clark, general manager, provider solutions at Nuance Healthcare. “The productivity benefits Piedmont Healthcare’s physicians experience with Dragon Medical One, PowerMic Mobile and Dragon Medical Advisor help them save valuable time that they are now able to repurpose back into patient engagement while improving documentation that benefits patient care.”

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