Awardees Use Technology to Manage Population Health and Value-based Reimbursement
TwoHealthcare Informatics Innovator Awardees Use Technology to Manage Population Health and Value-based Reimbursement

Children’s Health Alliance and Blanchard Valley Health System improve population health outcomes and lower costs with the help of Wellcentive
ATLANTA, Georgia—March 24, 2015—TwoWellcentive clients, the Children’sHealth Alliance and BlanchardValley Health System, have been honored as winners of the annual Healthcare Informatics (HCI) Innovator Awards. Bothorganizations earned recognition for implementing value-based care strategies and proactively managing the health of their patient populations, using Wellcentive’s comprehensive technology and servicesolutions. The HCI Innovator Awards Program recognizes healthcare leadership teamswho have effectively employed information technology to make a difference in their organizations and in the industry at large.
Children’s Health Alliance (CHA)—a not-for-profit association of morethan 100 independent primary care pediatricians in Oregon and southwest Washington—was named the co-second placewinning team. CHA has pioneered a pediatric-focused populationhealth management (PHM) approach, representing a new frontier in an industry that lacks well-developed evidence-based protocols for pediatric care. The CHA team has achieved significant results to date, including dramatic improvements in asthma care and proactive care management, driven by a unique model for stratifying pediatric patients by risk based on both clinical and social factors.
CHA has also developed a broad range of pediatric-specific protocolsand quality measures. The group is collaborating with Wellcentive to incorporate alerts, guidelines and measures into a comprehensive approach to value based care that will help pediatric care teams manage the health of their patients accurately and efficiently.
HCI recognized BlanchardValley Health System in Findlay, Ohio, as an award
for teaming up with a large manufacturer to tackle thehealthcare value challenge. Blanchard and the local employer established a patient-centered medical home initiative—enabled by Wellcentive’s PHM solution—to get more value from providers and to encourage employees to better manage their health. Serving more than 4,000 employees, the medical home is driving better management of high-risk and high-cost patients, including an increase in preventive care compliance and a drop in unnecessary ER utilization ─ driving a documented return of $2.44 for every dollar invested in the program.
“Blanchard Valley Health System and Children’s Health Alliance are two excellentexamples of provider organizations transforming the process of healthcare in this country, driving measurable improvement in the quality, cost and proactive management of health for their customers,” said Tom Zajac, CEO of Wellcentive. “We congratulate them on this recognition and are honored to support their groundbreaking achievements.”

Leaders of these teams, along with the other award winners, will berecognized at the Healthcare InformaticsInnovator Awards and Leading Edge Awards Receptionto be held 6:30 to 10 p.m. Central April 13 in Chicago at the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems (HIMSS) Conference.

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