PeriGen Joins CommonWell Health Alliance
PeriGen Joins CommonWell Health Alliance
CRANBURY, NJ and VIENNA, VA, March 17, 2015 – PeriGen, a software firmoffering perinatal solutions to labor & delivery hospital departments in the US, is joining CommonWell Health Alliance. 
CommonWell, a non-profit trade association, is
dedicated to the simple visionthat cross-system access to healthcare data bebuilt into IT systems at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the people they serve. 
“Although our solutions already offerbi-directional integration with the most prevalent EMR systems in use by hospitals today,” explains Matthew Sappern, PeriGen’s Chief Executive Officer, “we believe that supporting the expansion of this type of access to all systems so that providers and patients have easier access across the full continuum of care will at last leverage technology’s power to improve patient health and therefore their lives.”
CommonWellis aimed at enabling health care providers to manage patient identity, support consent management, and facilitate better coordination along the broad care continuum. Today,CommonWell members are live with these services at more than 10 provider sites ranging from large acute hospitals to rural specialty practices. Thousands of people have enrolled since services launched in January 2014 and dozens of clinicians are leveraging these services daily. Membership is open to healthcare-centric organizations, systems and vendors—all those who share the Alliance’s vision for interoperability.

“No single vendor can solveindustry-wide interoperability on its own,” said Nick Knowlton, Membership Committee chair for CommonWell Health Alliance and Vice President at Brightree. “By adding PeriGen to our diverse membership we can continue to break down the barriers that havestood in the way of national data exchange.”
Obstetricphysicians and nurses working in labor and delivery (L&D) departments nationwide use the PeriCALM suite of advanced fetal monitoring software to deliver healthier babies and reduce the risk of errors. Its patented modulesinclude:
  •       PeriCALM Tracings offers advanced electronicfetal monitoring (EFM) surveillance and archiving with annotation on the strip, evidence-based analysis at bedside, and simultaneous viewing of current fetal heart rate and labor progress, as well a view of two hours of data.
  •      Independently validated by researchers at theNational Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), PeriCALM Patterns™ augments the power of Tracings with automated pattern recognition to provide upgraded decision support.
  •       PeriCALM Curve™ provides evidence-based laborprogress assessment.

PeriGen joins CommonWell’s diversegroup of members in pursuit of the Alliance’s goal of providing better care and outcomes for providers and the people they serve.
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About PeriGen, Inc.
PeriGen,Inc., is an innovative provider of fetal surveillance systems employing patented pattern recognition and obstetrics technologies that empower perinatal clinicians to make confident, real-time decisions about the mothers and babies in their care. PeriGen’s customer-centric team of clinical and technology professionals builds the most advanced systems available to augment obstetric decision-making and improve communications among the clinical team at the point of care, while supporting data flow between healthcare IT systems. PeriGen offers the only FDA-cleared EFM pattern recognition system that is validated by the NICHD.
About CommonWellHealth Alliance
CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association of health IT companies working together to create universal access to health care data. The Alliance is open to all organizations that are committed to making patient’s data available to providers regardless of where care occurs. Alliance members support the belief that provider access to this data must be built into health information technologies at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the populations and people they serve.


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