ZynxCare Named Top Performer in the 2014 Best in KLAS Report
ZynxCareNamed Top Performer in the
2014 Best in KLAS Report Clinical DecisionSupport Care Plans Category
 (Los Angeles, February 2, 2015)-- The results are in: ZynxCare has been named the KLAS Category Leader in the 2014 Best in KLAS Report: Software andServices Clinical Decision Support Care Plan market segment released January 29,2015. 
ZynxCare received an overall score of 84.5, the highest in this product category.1The ranking is based exclusively on customer feedback in the areas of sales and contracting, implementation and training, functionality and upgrades, and general performance.
As the No. 1 solution in this category, ZynxCare provides actionable evidence-basedplans of care that enable providers to strategically coordinate patient- and family-focused care, reduce care disparities, and prevent avoidable and unnecessary readmissions. The solution is applauded for providing highly regarded content that is easily consumed and updated within the electronic health record. Zynx also stands apart from other vendors related to outcomes improvement as noted by one client who remarked that, “a decrease in the length of stay was the immediate outcome we saw after implementing ZynxCare. We also increased our compliance around care plans for our clinicians.” 2
“We are honored to be able to continue to work with talented healthcareproviders to create the annual Best in KLAS report. Their feedback is beneficial as vendors strive for excellence,” said Adam Gale, CEO and president of KLAS Research.
One of a suite of clinical decision support products fromZynx Health, the market leader in providing evidence- and experience-based clinical improvement and mobile care solutions, ZynxCare specifically outscored other products in the majority of categories including quality of implementation, training, support, needed product functionality, and ease of use.2

“The fact that our customers, through the KLAS study, have evaluated our product so favorably provides us with the ultimate stamp of approval. We are truly honored to be recognized for all the hard work that we have put into developing and implementing a clinical decision support solution that provides evidence-based care guidance at those crucial care moments that really matter to patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations,” stated Bertina Yen, MD, MPH, executive vice president of the product group at Zynx Health. “With this recognition,” Dr. Yen added, “we know that we are on the right path and will continue to work toward providing solutions that will improve clinical and financial outcomes and transform healthcare delivery.”

About Zynx Health
Zynx Health, part of the Hearst Health network, is thepioneer and market leader in evidence- and experience-based clinical improvement and mobile care solutions that provide the care guidance to enhance quality, improve care coordination, and decrease variation across an individual’s health journey. With Zynx Health, healthcare organizations exceed industry demands for delivering high-quality care at lower costs under value-based reimbursement models. Zynx Health partners with healthcare organizations to continuously and measurably improve care every day, for every patient, every time. To learn more, visit www.zynxhealth.com or call 855.367.ZYNX.
About Hearst Health
Zynx Health is part of the Hearst Health network, whichalso includes FDB (First Databank), MCG and Homecare
. Themission of the Hearst Health network is to help guide the most important care moments by delivering vital information into the hands of everyone who touches a person’s health journey. Each year in the U.S., care guidance from the Hearst Health network reaches 76% of discharged patients, 133 million insured individuals, 30 million home health visits, 1.88 billion retail pharmacy prescriptions and 3.26 billion prescription claims. Extensions of the Hearst Health network include Hearst Health Ventures and the Hearst Health Innovation Lab. www.hearsthealth.com
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