Orion Health Hits New Milestone
Orion Health Hits New Milestone: More Than 600 Rhapsody Customers Worldwide
Interoperability technology enables quick, effective integration for 300-plus healthcare organizations in the U.S.
Scottsdale, Ariz.—Feb. 14, 2017 — Orion Health, a global technology company that provides solutions that enable healthcare to over 110 million patients in more than 25 countries, has announced another milestone: Its Rhapsodyâ Integration Engine, is now in use at more than 640 healthcare organizations in 36 countries worldwide. More than half of them—324—are U.S. based providers, payers, pharmaceutical manufacturers or application developers. In addition, 500 OEM partners have deployed close to 10,000 instances of Rhapsody.
Rhapsody is Orion Health's foundation product—the healthcare enabler that brings disparate systems together through seamless data integration. The solution now processes more than a billion messages per day across the globe. This positions Orion Health as one of the global leaders and single-source solution providers of a healthcare integration product that is future-proofed to handle the needs of today—and tomorrow.
Rhapsody gives Stormont Vail Health in Topeka, Kansas, the ability to expand functionalities and components without incurring additional capital expenses. “My team was much more comfortable with Rhapsody’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) than anything else they had seen and they were very confident that they would be able to migrate all of the interfaces to Rhapsody without the need to hire any additional IT staff,” said Judy Corzine, administrative director and CIO of Stormont Vail Health.
Orion Health has proven its ability to not only retain existing clients, but attract new customers to its end-to-end, scalable solutions. “In 2016 alone, we announced significant Rhapsody contracts in the UK, France, Australia, United States and Canada, with large EMR and population health companies as well as small companies and start-up software vendors—evidence of the broad-ranging market need for a flexible and scalable modern healthcare integration platform,” said Harish Panchal, global vice president, Orion Health.
In the U.S. alone, leading hospitals and health systems have selected Rhapsody for data integration, including Allegheny Health Network, Regional Health, Penn State Health, Palmetto Health, and Greenville Health System.
Product Upgrades
Orion Health is soon to go to market with two product updates with version 6.2.3 available in the first half of 2017. Updated features will include:
·        Intelligent Mapper — EMR upgrades/migration, new applications requiring complex integration, and other industry changes are pushing the limits of outdated engines. Many organizations feel daunted by the effort to migrate or rebuild existing interfaces. Rhapsody’s Intelligent Mapper reduces by up to half the time and cost of migration. It accelerates the mapping process by performing much of the heavy lifting, including analysis of the legacy engine, reverse engineering of rules, documentation and code generation.
Rhapsody 7 introduces a new pluggable database architecture which will provide a platform for horizontal scalability and higher availability with an active/active capability delivering no single points of failure. New features will include:
·        High Availability: Active/Active — Healthcare engines are usually deployed in an active/passive manner, as it is easier to manage message sequence and guaranteed delivery of messages. With active/active, customers can meet requirements around guaranteed message delivery using a resilient architecture that offers continuous service.
Rhapsody is the integration engine that powers Amadeus’ high-volume data-acquisition capabilities. Amadeus is Orion Health’s award-winning platform for population health management and precision medicine.
About Orion Health
Orion Health is a technology company that provides solutions which enable healthcare to over 110 million patients in more than 25 countries. Our end-to-end solution—featuring integration tools, our massively scalable Amadeus data platform with real-time analytics, and applications for care management and patient engagement—enables population and personalized healthcare around the world. Orion Health facilitates interoperability within and among payer, provider and pharma organizations, governments and health information exchanges, and helps physicians, patients and researchers improve healthcare outcomes. The company employs over 1,200 people globally and is committed to continual innovation. For more information, visit orionhealth.com. 
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