Eight Questions Asked When Starting A CCM Program
If you are considering a Chronic Care Management (CCM) program for your patients, you probably have some questions! Here are some of the most popular questions we’re asked when starting a CCM program. READ MORE

1. Can enrollment be done under general supervision for Chronic Care Management?

2. Who is best suited to handle the enrollment of eligible Chronic Care Management patients?

3. How do you ensure patients engage monthly in a Chronic Care Management program?

4. What is the operational balance needed to staff inbound versus outbound patient calls for a CCM program?

5. How can you leverage a CCM program to close care gaps that help improve quality scores?

6. How do you maximize enrollment levels of a CCM program as patients unenroll or pass away? 

7. Can Specialists have a CCM program for their patients?

8. What does a typical 12-month patient journey look like for a patient enrolled in a CCM program? 


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