Memorial Health System offers cancer patients soothing positive distractions
Memorial Health System partners with SONIFI Health to offer cancer patients soothing positive distractions during treatments
LOS ANGELES (February 1, 2022) – When it came to creating a healing environment for patients at the Memorial Health System Cancer Center on the Belpre Medical Campus, leaders worked with experts in many fields, including global technology provider SONIFI Health whose solutions are offering small comforts that make a big difference.

Treatments can often take several hours for patients, so the Belpre cancer center in Ohio is filled with elements designed to soothe patients and help reduce their stress and anxiety. Cozy chairs, a rooftop garden, abundant natural light, and decor that evokes a calming ambience were all carefully and intentionally chosen to create a positive experience for anyone who comes to the center.

Advanced technology is in every space throughout the center, from robotic radiation therapy to interactive TVs in each of the private patient suites that offer familiar entertainment and gentle relaxation content.

SONIFI Health customized its interactive platform to provide a wide array of positive distraction content for patients to view while at the cancer center.
From the TV’s main menu, patients can access on-demand movies, live programming, and relaxation content like destination and national park videos, footage of animals, guided sessions for mind and body, spiritual audio, music and more.

The positive distractions have been a welcome amenity for many patients looking to keep their mind off their treatment and focused on something enjoyable. Studies have shown that positive distraction in healthcare settings can lower a person’s anxiety level and pain perception, as well as boost their overall emotional state.

Cancer center staff are working with their SONIFI Health consultants to enhance the interactive platform even more, adding engaging educational videos for patients to learn about their condition, promoting on-site services like the cafe and pet therapy visits, providing easy connections to the patient portal and support groups, and reinforcing Memorial Health System’s brand identity for compassionate, innovative and effective care.

The Memorial Health System Cancer Center on the Belpre Medical Campus was designed to help patients feel comfortable during treatments and confident in the world-class care they receive,” said Stacey Wyer, Director of Oncology at Memorial Health System. “That downtime for patients can feel stressful, so having a wide library of content to help fill the time has been wonderful.

“Our volunteers are enthusiastic and trained to facilitate the introduction of the SONIFI system benefits to our patients. This allows nursing staff and providers to focus on quality care while the patient is engaged with the edu-tainment amenities. We’re glad to have SONIFI as part of our team working together to deliver on our promises to patients and provide the support that’s critical to their recovery.”

“Memorial Health System has done an extraordinary job in creating an environment that promotes the best clinical outcomes and the best patient experience,” said Roy Kosuge, SONIFI Health’s General Manager. “SONIFI Health is proud to be part of the new cancer center at Belpre, providing patients some comfort and control when they need it most. We’re excited to be a long-term partner with the entire Memorial Health organization.” 

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