WEBINAR-The Buck Starts Here: Expert Tips to Win a SAMHSA Grant
It’s any day now that SAMHSA will announce that $9.7B is available to organizations looking to prevent and treat mental and/or substance use disorders. Whether your team has feverishly planned for months or is just starting, it’s a great time to check in and make sure your approach is on the right track.
Join experts Melissa Boyd and Keith Boushee as they share how to create a winning grant application, including:
  • SAMHSA forecast that highlights what grants to expect in the next three months
  • Focus areas SAMHSA seeks in 2022 including suicide prevention, care equality, opioids, early childhood mental health, CCBHC expansion, active duty, veterans, evidence-based practices, etc.
  • Scoring process so you can understand which of your submitted content matters most
  • Writing tips to align your statement of need and share goals
  • Key action words to catch attention in your program description such as strengthen, develop, expand, establish, population, etc.
  • Best practices and stories of organizations who recently received grant funds
  • CCBHC-specific strategies that demonstrate your org is ready and deserving to improve outcomes
Register for this upcoming webinar, on Wednesday, December 15 at 2:30 p.m. ET, to get a pro’s advice on what it takes to win the funds you need and deserve to keep improving health.

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