Wellcentive CEO Tom Zajac Presents Value-Based Care Transformation
WellcentiveCEO Tom Zajac Presents Value-Based Care Transformation at Inaugural Population Health Management Event

Atlanta, GA – October 27, 2015

Tom Zajac, CEO of Wellcentive, will present “Creating a Platform for CareTransformation in Value-based Care” during the inaugural meeting of The Leader’s Board for PopulationHealth Management. Wellcentive is recognized in the healthcare industry as a leader in delivering population health management product and service solutions to drive quality improvement, revenue growth and business transformation for providers, health systems, employers and payers transitioning to value-based care.
9:30-10:30a.m. CDT, Thursday, November 5, 2015, at Hotel ZaZa in Dallas, Texas
The industry’s accelerating transition tovalue-based care means that a delay in planning for the shift is no longer a sound business decision for providers. This acceleration is creating new challenges for providers and healthcare leadership. Embracing a practical, iterative, and fast approach to overcome the financial, cultural, and technological issues associated with value-based care transformation is critical to ensuring continued success.
Zajac will explore how a comprehensive approachto integrating and managing care at a longitudinal level will allow providers to not only respond, but excel under the transition to value-based care. He will further discuss the requirement for establishing a data-driven approach that allows organizations to participate in quality based programs, grow their capabilities to optimize quality, revenue, access, and market approaches, and self fund the process through participation in new and expanding incentive programs.
Tom Zajac, CEO of Wellcentive. Click here for Zajac’s photo. Interviews can be arranged on site or postevent.

Since 2005, Wellcentive has driven qualityimprovement, revenue growth, and business transformation for providers, health systems, employers, and payers transitioning to value-based care. Recognized as an industry leader for delivering immediate and tangible results, Wellcentive’s analytics simplify complex data from all points of care, advancing comprehensive care management and payer collaboration. Customers receive more than $500 million annually in value-based revenue by improving outcomes for 30 million patients, using intelligence gained from 1 billion customer data points each month. Visit http://www.wellcentive.com; follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; or call 877-213-8456 to learn more.

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