Zynx Health’s Siva Subramanian is Panelist at 12th Annual Connected Health Summit
Zynx Health’s SivaSubramanian is Panelist at Partners Healthcare’s 12th Annual Connected Health Symposium
LOS ANGELES – October26, 2015
Siva Subramanian, Ph.D., senior vicepresident of mobile strategy at Zynx Health, will participate in the “DisintermediationIoT Impact on the Hospital of the Future” panel at Partners Healthcare’s 12thannual Connected HealthSymposium Oct. 29-30 in Boston. The afternoon discussionfocuses on how the increasing availability of healthcare in retail stores and the widespread use of wearable technologies are likely to impact hospitals and other care providers—and the choices consumers are making to achieve cost-effective care.
2:05to 2:55 p.m. CDT, Friday, October 30 at the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center in Boston. Click
here for registration.
Retail organizationssuch as Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and CVS are transitioning from delivering drugs and medical supplies to providing services traditionally managed by primary care and nurse practitioners managed in a private practice. As a consequence of the Affordable Care Act, high-deductible plans, and rapid consolidation of practitioners into closed networks,will the consumer need to make much more conscientious decisions on where care is delivered? In the home, near the home, or in the hospital, for example? And how will wearable devices accelerate the transition away from hospitals to the home or the retail outlet? Panelists will discuss these topics and the choices consumers must make, including with whom to share their devices’ data, in order to achieve the lowest cost/highest value point-of-care delivery.
SivaSubramanian, Ph.D., senior vice president of mobile strategy, Zynx Health.
Pre- and post-event interviews can bearranged. Click here for Subramanian’sphoto.

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