Voalte Introduces the Healthcare Industry’s 1st Comprehensive Communication Platform
VoalteIntroduces the Healthcare Industry’s First Comprehensive
Communication Platform
Voalte Platform offers strategic functionality to improve collaboration betweencaregivers inside and outside the hospital
SARASOTA, Fla. (Oct. 13, 2015)Voalte,the leader in healthcare communication technology, today launched the nextevolution of healthcare communication solutions. Voalte Platform™ is a communication platform that leveragesthe industry’s most comprehensive solutions to streamline caregiver communication. Using a core set oftechnologies that not only powers Voalte products, but also enables healthcare organizations to leverage existing and future technology systems, Voalte Platform extends communication and collaboration across the care continuum. The result for healthcare organizations is a more coordinated patient experience, leading to greater patient and staff satisfaction.
The growth of healthcare systems with multiple locationsthat provide a wide range of healthcare services is fueling demand for Voalte Platform. 
, which comprises 300 locations, including six hospitals,is implementing Voalte Platform to strengthen their ability to serve the people in eastern South Dakota and surrounding states.
ProMedica,with 13 hospitals, four ambulatorysurgery centers and more than 300 other facilities that serve patients in northwestOhio and southeast Michigan, selected Voalte Platform to streamline and standardize caregiver communication to accommodate future development and growth.
“We wanted an open, scalable platform thatcan securely facilitate communication throughout all our locations,” said Alison Avendt, Vice President of Operations for ProMedica Toledo Hospital. “Voalte Platform was the best choice to meet our current caregiver communication needs as well as take us into the future.”
Thedynamic Voalte Platform improves inside and outside caregiver communication within a multi-location healthcare system and between caregivers at different healthcare organizations. Improving communication throughout the care continuum is vital as hospitals cope with current and emerging trends and mandates such as industry consolidation, the transition to value-based care and improving caregiver collaboration. Security is also a concern because many hospitals now rely on a patchwork of different communication software programs from multiple vendors, which can increase the risk of data breaches and HIPAA violations. The HIPAA-compliant Voalte Platformenables seamless, secure interfacing between disparate systems.
Built for enterprise healthcare communicationbased on clinician input at every level, Voalte Platform provides capabilities that enable:
CollaborationSolutions Streamline secure communication between caregivers.
ManagementSolutions Access and manage smartphones and applications easily from any location.
AnalyticsSolutions Comprehensive reporting and analytics that can drive improvements and results.
IntegrationSolutions Build on a flexible foundation that integrates all aspects of existing infrastructure, providing interoperability between disparate systems and data.
In addition, Voalte Platform supports allpopular mobile devices, including Android and iOS smartphones, and provides seamless integration with existing hospital infrastructures, including EMR, nurse call and alarm middleware.
“Providers are going beyond basic solutions, and lookingfor strategic functionality and interoperability in communication technology,” said Trey Lauderdale, Founder and CEO of Voalte.“Voalte Platform meets this important requirement by providing a communication solution that integrates with current systems and provides a platform for future technologies.”

Voalte develops smartphone solutionsthat simplify caregiver communication. As the only company to offer a comprehensive Mobile Communication Strategy, Voalte enables care teams inside and outside the hospital to access and exchange information securely. Voalte customers benefit from a solid smartphone infrastructure that supports their existing systems and expands to accommodate future technologies.
Founded in 2008, Voalte is a privatelyheld company based in Sarasota, Florida. Over 75,000 caregivers use Voalte products every day. For more information, visit voalte.com or follow @Voalte on Twitter.

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