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Scotland County Hospital Chooses Access Paperless Electronic Patient Signature - Phil White - 01-24-2014

Missouri critical access hospital will integrate patient registration packets with e-signatures into MEDITECH’s Scanning and Archiving module with seamless integration, will also enhance enterprise check printing

When Scotland County Hospital decided to change its healthinformation system to MEDITECH’s 6.x EHR (Electronic Health Record), administrators evaluated patient-focused processes to see how they could make the most of the new system. They recognized the potential time and cost savings of moving away from paper-based registration, and selected Access’s electronic patient signature and e-forms solution to make this happen.

“The superior functionality of Access’s electronic patientsignature solution and the friendliness of their staff made them the best fit,” said Kenneth McMinn, IT Supervisor at Scotland County Hospital. 
“They also have proven integration with MEDITECH, which was very important for us.”

In the Admissions Department, patients will electronically sign e-forms generated on demand with patient demographics and unique identifiers mapped from MEDITECH. The Access system will then send the forms directly into the correct EHR.

In addition, Scotland County Hospital will deploy the Access system in speech, occupational and physical therapy. Here, a therapist will electronically sign a completed patient evaluation. 

The Access system will then route the form to a physician for an additional signature, before sending the completed document into the patient’s electronic health record – a seamless, hassle-free process.
Scotland County Hospital also intends to use Access’s web-based forms solution, Evolution. McMinn can see uses for this paperless product across the facility. 

“Access Evolution will give us the ability to easily create any type of form, whether it’s in Human Resources, Billing or any other department, and for users to complete these forms online,” he said. 

To round out its Access project, Scotland County Hospitalwill also use the enterprise check printing system, which enables printing onblank stock to any compatible printer. 

“We wanted a way to get structured check data into a nice, presentable format and that’s what the Access check printing system offers,” McMinn said. “It will also give us the flexibility to change logos or other information quickly and to place approvers’ signatures on our checks.”

About Scotland County Hospital
Scotland County Hospital (SCH) is a non-for-profit district hospital in operation since 1970, designated as a Critical Access Hospital (CAH) in Memphis, Missouri.  Since 1997, SCH has established three hospital-based rural health clinics in Scotland, Clark and Schuyler counties in order to stabilize healthcare delivery providers.  SCH has continually demonstrated a deep commitment to this rural remote geographic area it serves, in which it is the only hospital in a five county area of extreme Northeast Missouri. Learn more at http://www.scotlandcountyhospital.com  

About Access
Hundreds of hospitals worldwide use paperless Access solutions to integrate e-forms, electronic patient signatures and clinical data into EHRs. Access helps improve care, eliminate financial and environmental costs and enhance patient safety and downtime planning initiatives. Learn more at www.accessefm.com