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Full Version: KLAS: Arcadia is Highest-Scoring Fully-Rated Vendor in Clinician Confidence in Data
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KLAS Research: Arcadia is the Highest-Scoring Fully-Rated Vendor in Clinician Confidence in Data[1]
KLAS's Population Health Data Acquisition and Analysis 2020 Report highlights Arcadia's "strong technology and deep focus on interfacing to a breadth of data types" that "drives alignment between data and outcomes"[2]
BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 16, 2020 -- Arcadia, the leading population health management and healthcare intelligence company, announced today that widely-respected independent analyst firm KLAS Research has found that Arcadia is the highest-scoring fully-rated vendor in Clinician Confidence in Data[3] in their new Population Health Data Acquisition and Analysis 2020 Report. Success in population health requires high quality, usable data at the point of care; the KLAS Research report assessed the strengths of Arcadia and other vendors in compiling accurate, timely data and turning it into actionable insights.
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KLAS Research: Arcadia is the Highest-Scoring Fully-Rated Vendor in Clinician Confidence in Data[4]
"Success in any population health initiative depends upon having high quality data at the point of care," said Arcadia chief innovation and strategy officer Michael Gleeson. "Our platform was designed to enable transformative healthcare, starting with the highest quality data and purpose-built analytical modeling. By ensuring clinicians have the utmost trust in the insights we push to their existing workflows, we help them take better care of their patients and help their organizations succeed in managing populations at scale."
Arcadia's customers reported to KLAS that the company was consistently strong across all aspects of the Key Data Analysis Performance Indicators identified in the report: reporting and dashboards, prioritized worklists, and risk scoring. The company has invested heavily in data science and analytical modeling, building predictive analytics capabilities to support sophisticated risk stratification and helping healthcare organizations match patients with interventions to maximize outcomes.
Arcadia customers: "High-quality data is really Arcadia's strongest point"[5]
KLAS highlighted Arcadia's "strong technology and deep focus on interfacing to a breadth of data types."[6] The KLAS report is based on feedback from Arcadia customers across the country, who explicitly recognize the company's ability to wrangle a wide range of data sources into a highly usable data asset.

"Data curation is Arcadia's strong point," agreed another Arcadia customer. "They understand very much so what data is coming in, what the purpose is, and where values don't make sense, especially in their QA. Arcadia is able to flag those things, especially in the implementation. I have worked with other vendors who don't do that successfully; they just ingest the data at whatever capacity there is and then don't do a lot of curating."[7]
Arcadia developed analytical models specifically for value-based care
Providers who spoke with KLAS recognized Arcadia for the company's "deep understanding of customers' revenue models."[8] Arcadia Analytics offers an elegantly simple data model designed specifically to support the complex analytical needs of value-based care organizations.
Quality, risk, financials, clinicals, and contracts data are all available and presented in a simple schema. Business analysts can answer complex questions, conduct deep clinical research, and create consistent and accurate reporting using the BI tools of their choice or Arcadia Vista, a web-based healthcare intelligence platform.
Arcadia Vista enables healthcare leaders and analysts to uncover deep insights from their data faster and with less effort. The platform provides a continually expanding library of customizable dashboards informed by Arcadia's work with innovative health systems and health plans around the country.
Clinicians trust Arcadia's data to be accurate and actionable at the point of care
KLAS also recognized Arcadia for "providing easy-to-use dashboards customized to end users' specific workflows. This puts the right data into users' hands at the right time, enabling them to act on the insights provided, whether at the point of care or within an administrative workflow."[9]
Arcadia customers praised the company for delivering accurate data in which clinicians can have confidence and can use to drive population health outcomes at the point of care.
"Arcadia's data has been accurate," commented one Arcadia customer. "Our doctors are very smart people, but if we give doctors inaccurate data, we won't get the desired behaviors. Data accuracy is huge; if we don't have accurate data, we can't get the job done."[10]
"Arcadia's system is our population health tool," another customer explained. "It is the tool that sits at the center of everything. People across the network log in to Arcadia's system using their desktop tool, and they see data from across the network. The vendor's pre-visit planning reports and desktop application allow a lot of our physicians, who are on one single EMR, to see the longitudinal medical record, which includes data from all the different sources across our network. The providers can see all that in one place very easily."[11]
Healthcare organizations attribute success to Arcadia
KLAS highlighted Arcadia's ability to "drive alignment between data and outcomes."[12] Arcadia customers interviewed by KLAS attributed their success to Arcadia and recognized Arcadia's ability to provide meaningful performance information to providers.
"Arcadia's aggregation of complex data is tremendous," said one Arcadia customer. "I have only been doing the work for a couple of years, and we are in multiple payer contracts. For the first time ever, Arcadia.io is taking all of the information and putting it together. The providers love not looking at multiple reports and being able to see how they are doing in general."[13]
"We are a very successful ACO, and part of our success is due to the great job that Arcadia is doing for us," explained another customer.[14] On average, Arcadia ACO customers outperform their MSSP and NextGen ACO peers.
To learn more about how Arcadia is enabling success for health plans, IDNs and hospital systems, ACOs, and independent provider groups, visit arcadia.io
About Arcadia
Arcadia (arcadia.io) is the only healthcare data and software company dedicated to healthcare organizations achieving financial success in value-based care. We work with health systems, providers, payers, and life science companies positioning themselves to win in value-based care, including some of the largest, most complex, and influential health systems and health plans in the country.
Our purpose-built, HITRUST CSF-certified population health management platform enables our customers to consistently overperform industry average outcomes by reducing medical expenses, improving risk coding accuracy, and improving quality and patient health outcomes. Our software continuously aggregates and curates the highest quality, most complete and up-to-date data foundation, provides relevant, timely and predictive analytics, and enables action through care management tools and in-workflow insights that present at the point of care.
Arcadia has off-the-shelf integration technology for more than 50 different physical and behavioral health EHR vendors, powered by machine learning that combs through variations in over 107 million longitudinal patient records across clinical, claims, social determinants of health, and operational data sources.
Founded in 2002, Arcadia is headquartered outside Boston in Burlington, MA, with offices in Seattle, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Rockford, IL. Arcadia has been recognized as a leading vendor by industry analysts, including Chilmark, Gartner, and KLAS. We were awarded Best in KLAS for Value-Based Care Managed Services in 2019 and 2020.
About KLAS
KLAS has been providing accurate, honest, and impartial insights for the healthcare IT (HIT) industry since 1996. The KLAS mission is to improve the world's healthcare by amplifying the voice of providers and payers. The scope of our research is constantly expanding to best fit market needs as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated. KLAS finds the hard-to-get HIT data by building strong relationships with our payer and provider friends in the industry. Learn more at klasresearch.com.
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